Tuesday, January 20, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and Michelle Ye were braving the cold weather to film for TVB's new series "Destinies of the Western Chamber" and with temperatures falling to around ten degrees, the three were still perservering with their work, filming in the rain in their thin costumes. Among them, Michelle's costume was a low cut dress exposing her chest to the elements - no wonder the three were calling out with cold!

As the year of the Goat has brought her popularity and some wealth, Myolie reveals she will be handing out lucky packets to the staff at the New Year as she says excitedly: "This is the first year I will be handing out lucky packets, I will probably give out a few thousand dollars. I will be giving it to people I know because I feel it is an honour to be able to make money and hand out lucky packets. (How much will be in each packet?) I haven't thought about that, I only know that the bank has run out of $20 notes!"

As for Michelle who has just returned from Shanghai, she was originally planning on travelling to Japan for the New Year, but she couldn't get the plane tickets, so she will be visiting her friends and collecting some lucky packets!


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai were filming on location in Lan Kwai Fong for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" earlier and in the scene, Julian is enticed by a beautiful girl with a condom. In reality, Julian says he has met with many beautiful encounters as he laughs: "When I was sixteen or seventeen and studying in Australia, there was a girl who was a neighbour of my dad's friend. I drove her home one day and she gave me a goodbye kiss before she left, then she bit me and wouldn't let go. I was so scared that I pushed her away." Afterwards, he regretted it and said: "This Western girl was very sexy and pretty! I am upset to talk about it!"

Having finished filming "Riches and Stitches" and then moving straight onto "War and Beauty", with them both being costume dramas, Gigi has not needed to dress herself up for either show. With her new show being set in modern times, Gigi can finally have a chance to get dolled up and she says excitedly: "Although half of the clothes are sponsored, I will still be spending my own fortunes and pulling out my own clothes to satisfy myself!"

Gigi plays the role of Pan Jinlian in the show and is often being mocked by Julian for being a flirt. She retorts by saying: "If I am a flirt, then he is a perv! Actually, my character is one who looks like the Pan Jinlian from hundreds of years ago, but in the modern day, I am a tomboy character, so my clothes do not need to be too sexy, but even if I have to be sexy, it doesn't matter as long as it is pretty and fits the setting."


[The Sun]

Belinda Hamnett sees the Chinese New Year very importantly and every year she will go with her family to the festive markets and buy some flowers and eat vegetarian on the first day of the year. She says: "Every year, my whole family will join in the traditions and go to visit the flower markets and then go to watch the fireworks on the second day of the new year. However in the past few years, we have taken a fancy to getting the papers to head into Sha Tau Kok because my sister-in-law is from there and we go and visit them. The atmosphere there is great because you can set off fire crackers and fireworks as well as do lion and dragon dancing. We stand on Chung Ying Street and look over the border into China where they are setting off fireworks all day and deep into the night."

Also, Belinda reaps a lot of rewards after returning from Sha Tau Kok. She says: "All the people there are very warm and even if they don't know you, then will give you a lucky packet and they are all very big! Every time I go, I have a 'fat year'!"


[No picture - report from Oriental Daily]

After finishing filming for "Stand-up Sleuth" yesterday, Ada Choi will have a break for a few days ands he plans to go on a trip and as she is prepared for a drop in lucky money this year, she has announced to everyone: "I told all my family and friends that I have had a son and that they should prepare some red packets for my son!"

It turns out that the 'son' Ada is talking about is her new puppy 'Mer Mer'. She adds: "Although my godson (Catherine Hung's son) pulls it around like a remote control car, I will still take it to go and see my godson and will give my godson a lucky packet." She then complains that her good friend never gives her lucky packets: "Take Catherine Hung and Flora Chan for instance, they will not give me any lucky packets, saying that we are the same generation.... so annoying!"

As for a new year wish, Ada hopes that everyone's wishes come true and prays for: "SARS not to come back and a fruitful love affair one day for her and her dog, because one day whilst we were out, it jumped onto anotehr dog. It seems that it has needs too, so I will look for a girlfriend for him."


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