Tuesday, January 20, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh, Michelle Ye and Moses Chan were among the artistes who took part in a TVB Contracted Artistes dinner and in response to the reports of her engagement to Benny Chan, Charmaine could only respond with resignation: "We just went out for dinner together. The magazine says that we call each other three times a day, I don't even call my family that much! I am still single at the moment, don't spoil my chances! For now I don't know who I will marry, but it will not be happening in these few years anyway. Me and him [Benny Chan] have never thought about it [getting married] and we are just friends at present." Some fortune readers have said that Charmaine and Benny do not have a future together because with their larger noses, it is easy to have arguments. Charmaine laughs: "I better look out for men with small noses then!"

Michelle has just returned from Shanghai, so she has not had time to greet Charmaine. She says: "They have denied it, but I am friends with Benny as well so if I have a chance I will ask him about it."

Also, Moses has now signed a full management contract with TVB and he says that his previous contract with Clarence Hui has been sorted out now.


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