Sunday, January 18, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Bobby Au Yeung was filming for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" yesterday with Anne Heung, but with a turn in the weather, he could only stop for a nap in the car. He says: "After judging the Miss Chinese International contest last night, I had to head straight into the studio for filming and we are on location today so if I have time I will sleep immediately." Having become good friends with the residents of Ap Liu Street, Bobby was presented with a woolly hat to keep him warm by a local fan.

In response to the news of Peter Yung [Kam Cheung]'s attempted suicide, having worked with Peter before, Bobby does not believe the news. he says: "He was just having a barbecue wasn't he? Is that not allowed? I haven't been in touch with him for a while, he left [TVB] a while ago."

Anne will be heading to America for a stage appearance over the new year and will be apart from her boyfriend. She says: "We don't put much importance on festivals because I wouldn't go to his home as work is more important."

Other friends of Peter have also indicated that since his 'disappearance' from the screen, he has also distanced himself from them. Good friends in the past Raymond Cho and Mok Ka Yiu indicate that they tried to contact him but were unsuccessful as Raymond points out that the last time he saw Peter was over a year ago and he does not know about what has happened since.

Wong Chak Fung's hot pot restaurant has business relations with Peter's father, so he has been in touch, but in recent months, there has been no response to his goodwill questions. Chak Fung indicates to reporters: "I spoke to him once about a year ago and he seemed quite normal, it is not as exaggerated as the reports suggest." As for Peter's former manager Ivy, she feels very helpless to the reports of Peter's 'coal burning' and says to the press: "He has left the industry for so long, don't bother him. Some things he has to deal with himself and we should give him some breathing space."

It appears that Peter had wanted to make a comeback in the past, as he had arranged with a few reporters to give an interview, calling them a few times in one day and saying that he had reached an agreement with TVB. Afterwards, TVB then indicated that they felt he needed to rest and has rejected his request and possibly causing Peter's 'disappearance'.

The press are still camping out near Peter's father's business in Yaumatei, but he is yet to be sighted.


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