Tuesday, January 20, 2004

[Oriental Daily, Sing Pao & The Sun]

Aaron Kwok and Mandy Cho, together with a group of contestants from the Miss Chinese International pageant were filming in Stanley yesterday for a music special and the eleven pretty girls all wore bikinis and in the cold weather and temperatures only reaching 12 degrees, they were all very brave and professional as they took off their coats for the filming. However when TVB arranged for them to have a photoshoot with Aaron, many of the girls were reluctant to bear the cold again, with only the Aaron fan Jessica Xu willing to pose alongside Mandy and Aaron. With the temperatures falling to just 9 degrees outside, TVB had already moved the location to the interior pool, but it was still rather hard to bear for the girls.

In the show, Aaron plays a person who has a crush on Mandy and he says that in reality he did once have a crush on someone from the showbiz industry but now he finds that she is happily married so he doesn't feel that way any more. In response to Jessica being his fan, he praises her saying that she looks prettier in person and she is nice, down to earth and cute. When it was mentioned that he seems to have a great connection with beauty pageants, Aaron was asked if he would choose one for his wife. He laughs: "I never thought about it, I am here to work not to chase girls!"

There have been reports that Jessica brought only $5000 with her to Hong Kong and now only has $300 left. She laughs that she has asked for some money to be sent over to her by her mother. She will be returning to Los Angeles today and does not know whether or not she will be returning to try her luck in TVB.


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