Sunday, January 25, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Sammul Chan took part in a New Year celebration event yesterday and played games with the audience as he says that his work over the new year has been continuous and he has having a 'prosperous new year'. He says: "From the second day to the tenth day, I have a show nearly every day, so it is not bad. (Have you changed your fee over the new year period?) We are honest folk, so we will not put our fees up like that!" As for the success of his earlier show "Triumph in the Skies", bringing popularity to many of its stars, such as Ron Ng who has had many offers for advertisements, Sammul laughs: "Wow, so great! I will have to ask him to take us out for dinner! Even I am currently negotiating a couple of advertisement deals, but I will have to wait until I have grown back my hair before I can film so I am growing it back now."

Although he will be working through the new year, but the filial Sammul has spent the first day of the New Year at home and visiting with his family to collect lucky packets. His results have not been bad as he says: "It's around the same as past years, a few thousand dollars, because the biggest ones are from my parents and my eldest sister. On the eve of the new year I went to the flower markets and bought some gladioli and some lilies, but no peach blossom because I am afraid of bringing home love quarrels!"


[Oriental Daily]

Michael Tao, Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang, Halina Tam and Gilbert Lam all arrived at the lucky hour at their management company for a blessing ceremony and new year meal yesterday. Although it was the third day [traditionally 'argument day'] this happy family seemed very harmonious and even though Joyce and Marco were late because they overslept, everyone was fine about this. Michael then passed out lucky packets featuring his family member, beloved dog 'Dai Lo'. As for Gilbert, he had a big win in Macau at the new year, so his lucky packets were also very generous.

As everyone is careful over the new year period, Michael clumsily 'won top prize' as an accident caused him to sport a plaster on his forehead, making him feel rather awkward. However he made up for it by putting a picture of his happy dog on his 1200 specially printed lucky packets and everyone who received one has praised them for being very cute. Michael says that he hopes this will take the focus away from his injury!

Marco and Joyce arrived very late, but fortunately arrived in time for the lucky hour. After receiving their lucky packets, this loving couple showed off how fortunate they are, firstly with Marco laughing: "I have been eating so much of Joyce's Muli cake that I now have to go on a diet!" However, Joyce has had some hardship because she was originally planning to have a happy birthday, but the weather that day was exceptionally cold and she had to finish filming for TVB's "Chicken Soup of the Soul". She says: "That day was a very memorable birthday! The cold is okay, but it was so cold I was like a block of ice and I had to go fishing on the pier and not only did I have to bear the wind, I even had to enter the water later on. Luckily I wasn't ill over the new year!"


[Summarised from The Sun]

Amid the merriment of the New Year celebrations, former TVB artiste and beauty Yammie Nam who has been recognised as suffering from some mental instability in the past, called into the 999 emergency services at around 2 am yesterday saying that she is considering suicide because of her recent problems with work and some depression over her loneliness at the New Year. The police arrived at her home in Sai Kung and found no-one there and a search revealed Yammie sitting in a nearby alley seeming oblivious to the world, despite many reporters photographing her. After some persuasion from the female police officer, she eventually regained her senses and declined the offer of a trip to a hospital to be checked over.

Yammie joined the TVB acting class of 83 and received acclaim for her beauty, however contractual problems caused some conflict between her and the company in 1986, but still gained great popularity in "The Greed of Man" acting alongside Adam Cheng in 1992. The death of her father and mother in 1995 and 1996 caused her great pain and this affected her emotions, but with the help of her friends, she found her feet again in 2002, taking in advertising contracts, movies and catwalk shows. She has even started filming TV series again on the Mainland and for ATV. However with further setbacks with fees owed, she has become depressed again, especially with debt problems.


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