Thursday, January 22, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

In the year of the goat just passed, TVB has been concentrating on the matter of lack of male leads, so in the same way that it promoted the 'Five Tigers' of the eighties that shot Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and the others to stardom, they have been putting their hopes into S4: Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan and Kenneth Ma. After a chain of steady promotion and the success of 'Triumph in the Skies', the four upcoming stars are receiving the same success as the tigers of the past. In the new year, the four will be continuing their mission and forging forward to establish their positions in the year of the monkey.

Entering the Monkey Year, the four newcomers are all looking forward to doing better than last year and in contrast to normal people, they wish to work for 365 days of the year and have no time to rest. To take on different roles, do different types of work and reap the rewards of their hard work. These youths are full of drive and enthusiasm.

Among them, Sammul Chan also hopes to be able to release his Cantonese album this year and for it to do well. However in the New Year period, the four have decided to put down their work for a little while to have some fun over the festival. Ron says: "As well as going visiting over the new year, I will be playing Mah Jong and gambling games at home. However we are not gambling, just having some fun with less than $100."


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu has been working non-stop last year, as well as filming advertisements, making stage appearances, she has also made a few movies as well. With the riches she has also gained much experience, but in the new year, she has succumbed to flu and a throat infection, leaving her with a fever, sore throat and a hoarse voice. In some distress, she says: "All along, I have not had enough sleep, so when the weather turned cold, I became ill and have been ill for two weeks. Originally I was going to be an MC for the Miss Chinese International contest last week, but I couldn't even speak so I couldn't do it. Having come from the contest myself, of course I was disappointed. So my New Year wish is for good health."

Whilst she was recovering in bed, her colleagues from "Virtues of Harmony" called her with their get well wishes and she was very touched: "Frankie and Kenix care for me very much and when they called me, they laughed that the riches were stealing away my health!" In the new year, Bernice will still be putting her work first and will leave love down to fate.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Myolie Wu, Joe Ma, Tang Chi Fung and Winnie Yeung were rehearsing for their appearance in a Chinese New Year show yesterday and when Myolie received a lucky packet from Joe, she immediately gave him one back for his son. Joe immediately laughed saying that she was 'practising handing out lucky packets'. Shocked by the remark, Myolie says a little embarrassed: "It will be ages before I get married, I was just listening to my manager's advice and handing them out for the first time. Making everyone happy for a few thousand dollars is worth it." She also laughs that this is the first year she has bought plum blossom for her home and she forgot to take a walk around it for luck in romance yesterday. Then she forgot and swept the floor - 'sweeping out the new year luck'. Myolie laughs that she has made up for things: "I was just sweeping out the problems, it will be okay!"

Myolie says she does not really believe the fortune tellers, but she will read her predictions for the coming year: "If it is good, I will believe it! It says that this year is good for people born in the year of the goat and as I am a goat, then of course I am happy. However, I feel that as long as you put your heart into your work, then nothing else matters."

With her marriage this year, Winnie Yeung is also handing out lucky packets for the first time this year and she laughs: "The best thing is no longer having to hear people asking 'When it is your turn?'. I went with my husband to burn incense and pay respects to the gods. We wished for good luck and for girl-boy twins so we can get some lucky packets next year." During yesterday's event she was taking advice on having kids from Tang Chi Fung, who will be driving his card from the outskirts of the city through Lam Tin and then out to the New Territories as a good luck tradition.


[Oriental Daily]

2003 has been a hard year for people in Hong Kong and as a Hong Kong person, Annie Man has much sympathy, so entering the year of the monkey, Annie took a trip especially to Wong Tai Sin to make a wish and ask for blessing. She hopes that Hong Kong's economy will improve massively and for everyone to be happy. For herself, she hopes for a breakthrough in her career and to try new things.

Arriving at Wong Tai Sin Temple, Annie got a lucky fortune stick and having heard that the wishes for love at Wong Tai Sin are very successful, she has also wished for this. On the career side, the fortune teller say that she will have a lot of gossip, so she must not believe many people and fall for their tricks. As for her romances, the teller seemed to make Annie smile sweetly. She says afterwards: "The fortune says that I should not have such high expecatations of my boyfriend because he has already dome a lot of things for me. It says for me to be more content and that our relationship will be even better in the middle of the year. (Have you thought about getting married?) I am not mature enough yet and this is the driving time in my career, so I will not get married just yet!"


[Oriental Daily]

On the first day of the new year, a group of TVB artistes, including MC's Liza Wang and Priscilla Koo and some singers such as Miriam Yeung, Boyz and Yumiko Cheng took part in a New Year Special where TVB chief Sir Run Run Shaw appeared with his New Year Greeting for the viewers, accompanied by Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho and Miss Chinese International Winner Linda Chung.

In the show, Sir Run Run handed out lucky packets to the artistes and the administrative staff and he seemed to be particularly protective of Mandy as he held onto her waist for fear of her falling over and showing the grace of his era. Many praised 'Uncle Six', saying that he was in good health and spirits: "Uncle Six is very funny, he has a lot to say and we chatted a lot."

Yesterday's New Year show was full of a cheery atmosphere and during the show, Timmy Hung, Carlo Ng and Leung Si Ho dressed up as women again in a hilarious comedy sketch. Carlo was the centre of a practical joke as they gathered round to pull away his clothing and then throw ice water over him and making him yell with cold!

Liza appeared dressed in a chipao and took the first action by rushing up to the audience and asking for her lucky packets. She did not do badly, getting ten packets as she said: "The audience this year were a little quieter, I got even more last year."


[The Sun]

New year decorations come in all shapes and sizes and even the traditional New Year Flowers are subject to a transformation. Shirley Yeung has been learning to make surprises from dough clay and she says: "I have always bought new year flowers and mandarins, but I have a new idea this year and that is to learn to make models from dough so that I can make some small New Year decorations that save space and will last longer. ( Will you be giving them out to everyone for the new year?) Let me make them prettier first!"

Although this is the first time she has made them, Shirley seems full of talent and she says: "The finished product looks very complicated, but in fact all you need are some simple tools like a pair of scissors and some tweezers, or you can even make them with your hands. Also many people think that if you have small hands, it would help, but in fact there is no link because the teacher says it is all down to expertise." For the new year, Shirley will be making sweets, mandarins and narcissus in the hope of good luck for the new year.


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