Tuesday, January 06, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Cutie Mui and good friend Louis Yuen made an album together in 1994 where they copied the cover from one of Anita Mui's albums 'It's like this' and at the time, Anita generously lent them her hat and clothes for them to shoot the cover and Cutie was very touched.

Yesterday, Cutie was filming for "Virtues of Harmony" in TVB City and talking of the news that Anita's funeral photo is the picture from her 'It's like this' album cover, Cutie feels rather emotional, because at the time, Anita was a superstar already, yet she didn't mind being imitated and this was very noble. Cutie also revealed that she was grateful at the time for all Anita's help, lending her the costume and hat. Although it wasn't quite the right size, the results were excellent and the likeness was so true that it confused many fans who thought that Anita had another version of her album. This helped with sales and Cutie says that although she did not know Anita very well, she believed that Anita is truly worthy of everyone's respect.


[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's "Top Ten Jade Solid Gold Awards" will be taking place this Saturday (10th Jan) and although Anita Mui has passed away, her public funeral will be held tomorrow and with this, many singers are resolving their emotions and facing up to appearing at the awards ceremony. As JSG is the last awards ceremony of the year and the number of awards will be finalised on the night, the influence is quite major, especially for the 'Media Award' that is being the strong focus.

At 12 noon on 6th January, the top five for "Most Popular Male Singer" stood at: Alex Fong (Lik San), Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Andy Hui and Andy Lau. "Most Popular Female Singer" top five were: Joey Yung, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung and Twins. "The Community Chest Most Popular Charity Couple" final five: 1st - Andy Lau & Kelly Chen, 2nd - Alex Fong & Tiffany Lee, 3rd - Leo Ku & Tiffany Lee, 4th - Hacken Lee & Joey Yung, 5th Leo Ku & Joey Yung


[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB announced its Top Ten Dramas of 2003 and in the top spot was the top prizewinner at the anniversary "Square Pegs" with an average ratings figure of 37 points, totalling 2,415,000 viewers, taking 92% share of the viewing public. No wonder that TVB is calling upon the stars "Ah Wong" Roger Kwok and "Lo Por Jai" Jessica Hsuan to film their Chinese New Year promotional clips.

The overall average ratings of the top ten came in at over 30 points, but long running series "Virtues of Harmony" was not included in the calculations, probably due to its rather unique position compared to other shows. In second place came Bobby Au-Yeung and Charmaine Sheh's "Witness to a Proscution II" with an average rating of 35 points and the remaining series were: "Vigilante Force", "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow", "Point of No Return", "Triumph in the Skies", "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", "Survivor's Law", "Whatever it Takes" and "The Driving Power".

With the fighting between the three leading ladies Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok and Charmaine Sheh for this year's 'My Favourite Female Lead' award, the statistics show that from the top ten, Maggie and Charmaine each had two shows, but Kenix took a top three position with "Vigilante Force", a little ahead of her arch rival Maggie. As for newcomers Michelle Ye and Myolie Wu both making two appearances in the top ten, they are also well in the running. Both anniversary series "Point of No Return" and "Triumph in the Skies" made it in at 5th and 6th place, with the shock of the expensive grand production of "Triumph" losing out to the relatively small budget "Point".

Apart from the series, TVB Jade's Top Ten Special Productions for 2003 were as follows: "Real Madrid Asian Tour 2003 - Hong Kong vs Real", "TVB Aniversary Gala Extravaganza", "The 22nd HK Film Awards", "China National Day Fireworks Display", "Forever Loving Leslie", "Studio One's Finest Evening", "Leslie Cheung - The Legend on Stage", "2002 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards", "TVB City Grand Opening" and "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003". The live broadcast of the Hong Kong vs Real Madrid soccer game in August was a record breaking feat as it averaged 43 points, breaking all TVB records in history with 2.8 million viewers taking 92% of total viewers.


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