Friday, January 23, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Beauty and cutie Charmaine Sheh was born in the year of the rabbit and her horoscope suggests that she will have a lot of luck in love this year, making her very happy as she seems to welcome any offers: "Really? It better come true because in my line of work, 'love' is very important because it can also indicate good relationships with the audience and I will welcome plenty of this!". She seems determined to continue building her popularity in the year of the Monkey.

As well as having good relationship luck, this year's horoscope warns Charmaine to be careful of accidents and with her motoring accidents in the last couple of years, injuring her neck, Charmaine laughs after hearing the warning: "I will be careful when I am driving, especially after not getting enough sleep when I will try not to drive."


TVB's sitcom "Virtues of Harmony" has had good reviews all along and often sits at the top of the ratings table and as a result, it has gained many sponsors from well known brands. Even the New Year start of work dinner is free, so no wonder the 'head of the household' Nancy Sit says happily: "We will be having a Start of Work dinner on the lantern festival [15th day of new year] and the sponsors will be providing sharks fin, abalone, sea cucumber, bird's nest... so happy. 'Virtues' has made nearly five hundred episodes and is being aired in many different places, so the success is nearing that of 'A Kindred Spirit'."

Also, Nancy reveals that she has many sponsors for daily items and this is helping her save money at home: "Even my underwear is sponsored now, but I will not make an underwear advert because I don't want the viewers to think I am trying to create a sexy feeling and spoil my healthy image."


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Louis Koo has three days off over the Chinese New Year and will be spending his time at home as a good son with his family. He laughs: "We have a lot of traditions in our house and every year, there are limits on what time you can enter andleave the house during the first three days of the new year. The times change every year and if we go out and get home late, the doors will be locked, you cannot enter and have to sleep in the street. My mum says that this is because at certain times of the day, the house collects fortunes and when the door is opened, they will be lost. As I have been working through the new year in the past, I will be staying in this year and not going out." Louis continues: "When I was young, my mum wouldn't let us wash our hair in the first seven days of the new year. When I as a kid, I did what I was told, but now I can only bear it for two days, because on the third day my head will be so itchy is unbearable!"

Despite reports that Louis was unwell and therefore unable to travel to Vancouver to do a stage appearance, he pays little attention and says: "The best entertainment at the new year is to stay at home, watching TV and playing video games. It is rare that I get time off, so of course I want to spend more time with my family."

Still very much single, Louis is faced with questions from friends and family every year about when he will be getting married. He says: "When I get lucky packets at the new year, no matter if they are big or small, I am still very happy. However when I see my family, they all say that they want this to be the last time they give me one, and ask when I will be getting married. Of course I don't reply, I'll leave it down to fate." Louis gives lucky packets to his staff every year and as well as a five figure lucky packet, he will also be treating them to a New Year Meal.


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Safely another year passes. Having had a conflicting fortune last year, Myolie has had a few pieces of gossip surrounding her, but this has not stopped her stardom from increasing. Through 'Triumph in the Skies', she has taken another step up and she hopes that with the good relationship luck in the year of the monkey, she will become even more popular.

Although Myolie was educated abroad, she is still a very traditional person and she believes in the predictions of luck for the coming year. With the conflicting fortune signs last year, she sent a friend to make offerings and thanksgiving to the gods on her behalf. In order to thank this friend, Myolie took time from her busy schedule to play matchmaker and find her a man, successfully creating a happy couple and leaving Myolie very happy.

Also, Myolie will be working a packed schedule over the new year period after recording a radio drama with Lai Nok Yi yesterday, she will also be singing the title song for the show. She laughs that whilst she was studying, she learned opera for a year, so her singing is quite good. When asked if she has any intentions to brave the music industry, Myolie laughs: "I will give it a try this time, but I am not desperate to enter the music industry. Let's see if I get any praise for it first!"


[Oriental Daily]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners, Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik wish readers good health and eternal youth!

Mandy's performance career has been smooth sailing last year and as well as winning the Miss Hong Kong title, she has also taken the Runner up place at Miss Chinese International, worthy of congratulation. She admits that this year will be an important one in her entertainment career and she will try many new things and challenges, such as acting in series. No wonder she says she is in no rush to find a date as her career will come first. Mandy indicates: "At first, I was hoping to go to the flower market and buy some peach blossoms, but I had to work so I couldn't make it. (Did you want to get some flowers to bring you luck in love and find a handsome boyfriend?) No, I am in no rush to start dating, boyfriends should come naturally, the most important thing for now is my career. Buying peach-blossom is good for relationships with audiences as well." Mandy also reveals that she especially likes the new year celebrations because she can go visiting with her parents and collect lucky packets. Every year the biggest one she receives is the one from her mother.

Rabee'a has been to the lively flower markets and has bought herself a peach blossom. She says: "This time, it was the first time I visited a flower market in Hong Kong and the atmosphere was very lively. Buying peach blossom is for a good aura with the audience and at the moment, work is the most important thing. Love and romance will just be down to fate. Also, the peach blossom is pink and it matches my decorations in my home."

As for Priscilla Chik, she will be spending the new year with her family and although she is grown up now, she still likes to go visiting with her parents. Talking of new year wishes, she hopes that everything will go smoothly this year and she can try new things in her performance career.


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