Sunday, January 04, 2004

[Oriental Daily and The Sun]

With reports that whilst filming in China for "Double Dragon of the Tang", Leila Tong and Nancy Wu fell out over Ron Ng as they were constantly waiting for him to finish work, Ron and Leila appeared at an event yesterday and openly denied the incident as Ron pointed out there is no way that they could develop a romance.

He says: "Our conversation is very masculine and we talk about computer games and watching video discs and not about things that dating couples talk about. As for them waiting for me to finish work, when we were filming on the Mainland, the sets were very far from the hotel, so we would wait for the whole team to finish before leaving. That news is quite amusing!" Talking of his ideal partner, Ron says that she doesn't have to be pretty, as long as they have common targets. It does not matter if she is from the industry or not, but at the moment he is concentrating on his career.

Leila says that she is good friends with Nancy and she finds it funny that they have been suggested to be fighting over Ron and adds that she and Ron are just good friends and have no feelings for each other at all. As for them waiting for him to finish work, Leila explains that the journey back to the hotel was quite far, so they had to wait for everyone before they drove back.


[Oriental Daily and The Sun]

TVB will be airing a special show today entitled "Beautiful Memories of Anita Mui" in order to remember Anita Mui. Hosted by Anita's good friend Carol Cheng, who was present with her partner Lui Fong at the hospital on the night of Anita's death. The other host will be Jerry Lamb. Appearing in the show as guests will be a selection of Anita's friends including Alan Tam, Nat Chan, Eason Chan, William So, Andy Hui, Kelly Chen, Edmond So, John Chan, John Shum, Lo Kwan Cho and Dayo Wong. Producer Chin Kwok Wai indicated that he is still awaiting confirmations from Anita's beloved protege Denise Ho and good friend Sammi Cheng.

Some reports have suggested that TVB intends to auction for charity, a costume worn by Anita in her only TV series "Heung Kong Fa Yuet Ye", but producer Chin denied this, explaining that there will not be an auction on the show. As for the chipao worn by Anita in the show, it will be donated to the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild as a memorial and it is down to them what they decide to do with it. The show is simply to remember Anita and is nothing to do with money.

HKPAG Vice President Ho Kam Wah indicates that he has received a call from TVB regarding the donated costume and he has sent a colleague to receive it. However, the arrangements for the charity auction has not yet been finalised.


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