Thursday, January 01, 2004


[Ta Kung Pao]

Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Don Li and a group of child actors appeared at the blessing ceremony yesterday for "Five-mouth Family". Although it was New Year's Eve and Jessica had to work, she would not be heading out to celebrate after finishing because she has been unwell for over a week and she would like to get some rest and peaceful sleep.

Recent magazine reports suggest that Jessica has recently bought a watch worth over $20,000 for her good friend Gallen Lo and when asked about this, she denied it, saying that she has never given anyone such an expensive present. She laughs: "At the moment, the news is out of control and they didn't even interview me before writing this four page article. (Do you often buy designer watches?) No, I have only bought an expensive watch once and that was to make myself happy. This time it was Christmas and I wanted to reward myself."

When asked whether she bought a watch for her boyfriend for Christmas, she laughed and evaded the question saying: "Not saying, but of course I bought him a present. (Was your boyfriend jealous about the reports?) I don't want to talk about my boyfriend , you don't need to try and catch me out. Actually, what I will say is that before he got to know me, he didn't even know I was an artiste, but of course he knows now. I really don't want to say too much about him because he is from outside of the industry and I would like to give him some privacy, but I do know that there are press following us around now."

Also, Jessica worked with Joe six months ago in "Lady Fan" (Fan Lei Fa) and there were rumours then that they were hostile to each other, so with their new co-operation, they are both interested to see what the magazines will write about them again. However, no matter what happens, they will take little notice. Talking of Joe's recent negative press, is Jessica worried that she will be linked with him? Jessica says confidently: "Of course not, you can tell immediately that those reports are not true." She also says that this time she will be working with a group of children and at first she was a little worried, but after working with them, she has found them to be really smart with quick reactions and few out-takes and this is putting pressure on her.

Joe's popularity has risen after the success of "Triumph in the Skies", but the rumours have followed en force linking him firstly with Flora Chan and then with Nancy Wu. Another magazine also indicated that he was buying presents with his son to try and make it up to his wife, who is currently away in Europe. In response to these reports, Joe says he has not seen them, but after hearing about them from the reporters, he laughs: "It really is so colourful, but I don't like responding to these things because they are just too fake, it's almost like a story from a novel. (Did you take a ride with Nancy Wu?) We often go out together after meeting on the set of 'Triumph' and that night she had been drinking and couldn't drive, so I drove instead. (Has your wife gone to Europe?) She often goes there for her work, but we do not have any problems between us, if there were problems, we couldn't hide it for too long."

As for him taking his son out, Joe says he does not want to talk too much about his family, but he will not avoid taking his wife and son out. Buying the present was actually before the rumours spread about Flora, but was twisted by the press into this story. However, as an artiste it is difficult to avoid these situations, so he just hopes that more sponsors will give him work.

Also, Joe took part in Anita Mui's music video for "Yu Yer" eight or nine years ago and when he heard her mentioning him in a recent interview, he was very surprised she still remembered him. He feels very saddened by the news of her death because he has always admired her determination and strength. He will go and pay his respects to her shortly.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Don Li will be working in the new series "Five-mouth Family" with a group of child actors and yesterday during the blessing ceremony, one of the young girls started crying. Immediately playing the big brother, Don tried to cheer her up and was very loving. When asked if he was responsible for entertaining the kids whilst filming, he laughs: "Not really, they are very professional and they will not be moody during filming and are very punctual. Since working with them, I have felt that I have become a lot younger."

Although he is from a different generation from Anita Mui, Don has met her once at her concert when he went up onto the band stage. When asked if she spoke to him, he says: "Yes, she asked me to move over a little. Her death is a great loss, but unlike Leslie who took his own life, dying from illness is possibly easier to come to terms with." However many of his friends are still very upset about Anita's passing so he has to be strong for them. Coincidentally, the year when Anita entered showbiz in 1982 was the year that Don was born.


[Oriental Daily]

The twenty-one contestants of the Miss Chinese International Pageant were invited by the Macau Tourist Board to Macau to take part in New Year's Eve celebrations and originally it was an enjoyable trip, but there was a small incident that caused some embarrassment. It turns out that the tourbus that the group was allocated had an advertisement for "Paris Exotic Dancers Troupe" on the side and this caused many passers-by to mistake the girls as exotic dancers as many men stopped to look.

The contestants stopped off at the Sacred Ruins of St Paul's Church before walking up to the town hall through the bustling city and as they were wearing tube tops and surrounded by a large group of chaperones, they attracted quite a crowd but also caused an obstruction as one angry man swore loudly at them.

Afterwards, Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho and other contestants indicated that they were not embarrassed, because they were oblivious to the situation, they are not actually exotic dancers and it was all just a misunderstanding. Number 18 Lien Xian said it was not surprising to see such a crowd. The strongest contestant so far appears to be Number 8 Miss Los Angeles and when asked if she was confident, Chui Ching Kit said: "Really? Actually, all the girls are very pretty."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Margaret Chung will be performing in stage production "Goddess of Fertility" and she believes that to be a complete woman, you need to have at least one experience of giving birth. Margaret says that when she was twenty, she had the dream of having four or five children. She believes that this is a path that women have to go through and to have a next generation is the only way you can be linked by flesh. However, she says that in today's society there are too many illnesses and childbirth is another worry, but as long as you are happy, then health will come.

Rehearsing for her show yesterday, Margaret reveals that she had originally thought of cancelling the interview, but she felt that the show has a positive message so she continued to go ahead with it. As for the news of Anita's death, she says that her own mother had previously contracted breast cancer, but luckily it was discovered early and she recovered. During treatment, her mother had said that as long as you keep high spirits, then your health will finally return.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan has successfully changed her image recently from tanned skin to light skinned as well as trimming her figure from being rather plump to being slinky. She has recently written her 'transformation' process into a book to share her magic with other vain ladies. Nnadia says: "Recently there have been a lot of fans, friends and reporters who have told me when they see me that I look a lot prettier and ask me how to change this way. Actually I have just lightened my skin and slimmed a little, but after a while I found that many ladies wanted to know the secret of my beauty so I have decided to write this book and share it with everyone."

Nnadia says that all along she has tried many different skin products upon the recommendation of many people, but she would use half, find it is no use and throw the rest away. Up until two years ago, she decided to put some effort into studying beauty and as her own 'guinea pig', she has reaped some rewards.


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