Monday, January 12, 2004

Final Farewells - Anita Mui
Hong Kong and the rest of the world say their final goodbyes to the inspirational star.
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[Oriental Daily]

Joey Yung has had a fruitful year in the music industry and after gaining the Jade Solid Gold award for Most Popular female singer, she was extremely emotion as she announced that her greatest regret was not being able to share the moment with her mentor Roman Tam. Although her teacher was fussy over her, to be able to have learned from him and gained his love was a link of destiny and with his passing, Roman has now become her lucky star, watching over her. As a dutiful student, Joey will be visiting Roman's shrine on Chinese New Year's Eve with peanuts and fried dumplings and to offer incense to him.

On Sunday evening, Joey was in good spirits as she filmed for the weekly JSG show and revealed that she has still got time to celebrate and will be going for a meal with her colleagues before the new year as their boss has agreed to pay for a buffet and she will be paying for the after dinner Karaoke.

When asked if she was concerned about her popularity causing a rift between her and Miriam Yeung as they are in direct competition, Joey seemed rather nervous about this and asked: "Are the magazines writing that?" When she found out that nothing has been written yet, she breathes a sigh of relief and says: "If the enemy doesn't strike, then I don't strike. (Do you know Miriam very well?) Not really, we don't have each other's numbers, but I feel she is a very happy person and I would be comfortable chatting with her, but please don't describe her as my arch enemy!"

Appearing on the same show, Hacken Lee was asked when he would be tying the knot with his girlfriend. He used his concert as an excuse and said that these big events will have to wait until after his concert is completed. He says: "2R told me to propose at the celebratory party? I had a few drinks and I don't really remember now! Anyway, I will think about it after the concert is finished."

Afterwards, Hacken changed the subject and rvealed that after the awards ceremony, he had to return the borrowed jewellery worth $200,000 that he was wearing to the sponsors and he was sad to see it go. Hacken reveals that the 'Left Alan Right Hacken' concerts will have extra dancing added: "This time I will be doing Spanish dancing, Alan will be doing hip-hop. As dancing to me is a very difficult thing, I will be spending a lot of time dancing. There will also be a lot of contraptions on the stage ths time and it will make it even grander."


[Oriental Daily]

Having been filming in Beijing for TVB epic "War and Beauty", Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai returned to Hong Kong on Sunday evening and as Charmaine left the airport, she was talking non-stop on the phone. Was she calling her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan to come and pick her up? Charmaine immediately squeaked: "No... I was calling my manager to ask for the number plate for my ride." In contrast, when Gigi left the gate, despite hardly wearing any make-up, she was calm and confident as she left on her own.

With the weather in Beijing being bitterly cold, Charmaine couldn't stand it and has a cold. However as her schedule was tightly packed with filming, she could not take time to go and seek treatment, so she will be taking advantage of her break in Hong Kong to go and see a doctor and have it cleared up and nursed back to good health to prevent the return of SARS. With many suspected cases in the Mainland, Charmaine has heard of the news, but she has not seen any panic about SARS in Beijing.

Charmaine will be heading out to America for a stage appearance soon and then returning to her home in Hawaii to spend the new year with her family. After joining showbiz, Charmaine has always been in Hong Kong for the new year, so to go back to a more westernised Chinese New Year celebration, Charmaine hopes it will be quieter but very heartwarming.


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