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2003 Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Awards

JSG Top Ten:
"If there was a day" - Andy Lau
"Two People's Fortune" - Gigi Leung
"I Cannot Sing" - Hacken Lee
"My Pride" - Joey Yung
"Pity I am an Aquarius" - Miriam Yeung
"She is Uglier than me" - Kelly Chen
"One Step One Life" - Andy Hui
"Ambush" - Eason Chan
"Seven Friends" - Edmond Leung
"Next Stop Tin Hau" - Twins

Most Popular Duet
Gold: "Special Thanks" - Edwin Siu & Jade Kwan Silver: "Goodness is Rewarded" - Alex Fong & Stephy Tang Bronze: "Kiss Kiss" - Tiffany Lee, EO2

Most Popular Newcomer
Gold: 2R Silver: Deep Ng Bronze: Don Li

Backstage Awards
Best Composer: Chan Kwong Wing - "My Pride"
Best Lyricist: Lam Jik - "Out of Body Love"
Best Arrangement: Ng Lok Sing - "Next Stop Tin Hau"
Best Producer: Mark Lui - "Seven Friends"

Most Popular Advertisement Song
Gold: "Fall on the Floor Burst into Bloom" - Candy Lo
Silver: "Because you are cute" - Cookies
Bronze: "Pocket Lover" - SKY

Most Popular Re-arrangement
"Give Up Male" - Emme Wong

New Star Test Run Award
"La La World" - Boy'z

2003 Outstanding Performance Award
Gold: Jordan Chan / Yumiko Cheng Silver: ---- Bronze: Bobo Chan

Most Popular Net Songs
Gold: "Special Move" - Leo Ku Silver: "Out of Body Love" - Anthony Wong Bronze: "Half Mature" - Shine

Most Popular Mandarin Song
Gold: "Seen through" - Karen Mok Silver: "Not afraid of anything" - Miriam Yeung Bronze: "Waiting" - Hins Cheung

Community Chest Most Popular Charity Ensemble
Andy Lau & Kelly Chen

Most Popular Singer Songwriters
Gold: Nicholas Tse Silver: Ronald Cheng Bronze: Patrick Tang

Asia-Pacific Region Most Popular Male Singer
Andy Lau

Asia-Pacific Region Most Popular Female Singer
Kelly Chen

Most Popular Male Singer
Hacken Lee

Most Popular Female Singer
Joey Yung

2003 Four Stations Joint Music Media Award
Composer: Mark Lui
Lyricist: Lam Jik
Singer(s): Joey Yung / Twins

Golden Song Award
"My Pride" - Joey Yung

JSG Honorary Award
Lam Chun Keung

Report by Em
[Sources: Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

The last of the music awards ceremonies in Hong Kong for the eventful 2003 was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night as TVB presented the "2003 Jade Solid Gold Awards". Despite the recent sad events after the death of Anita Mui at the end of the year, the stars still appeared at their best and although many wore blacks and whites as a sign of respect, many of the ladies still arrived in their beautiful gowns for what was a star-studded event, hosted by MC's Natalis Chan, Jerry Lamb and Vincent Kuk.

The results of the evening contributed the last figures to the much coveted "Media Award" that counted together the results for all four major awards ceremonies to crown Hong Kong's top music stars. At the start of the evening, Twins were in the lead for this award, taking a total of 12 awards in the other ceremonies so far. However nearest rival Joey Yung took three awards on the night and the result was a draw as Twins and Joey both amassed 14 awards each and shared the award between them.

Winning the "Most Popular Female" for the first time, Joey was overwhelmed with emotion as she cried tears of joy. She said as she took the award: "Thank you to my mentor Roman Tam, when no-one accepted me, he was the first one to give me his support. It's such a shame I cannot share this with him, but I think he will know."

Hacken Lee emerged as the "Most Popular Male" and he thanked his girlfriend and her family in his acceptance speech, saying: "Thank you to my girlfriend's family who have treated me as their own son, thank you to Alan and Andy and thank you to my girlfriend and her love for twelve, thirteen, fourteen years - the greatest support in the world! This is the second year I have this award, but I will keep on working hard and sing good songs and do the best of my ability." As he left the stage, Andy Lau and Andy Hui rushed forward to hug him.

In memory of the departed superstars Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung, the organisers showed a series of stills in a montage played to the sounds of them singing the song "Shining Star". As they stood on the stage and paid their respects, some of the stars sang along to the words, others looked solemn and deep in thought and some held their hands to their faces to try and hold back the emotion. As the cameras focussed on Andy Lau watching the images, he looked teary as he bit his lip to hold back the pain.

Alan Tam presented the honorary award to Lam Chun Keung who also died this year and he said: "Leslie and Anita's work has made the Hong Kong people proud and 2003 has passed now. I hope that 2004 will not have any more unhappy events as the strength of the music industry hopefuls will continue the wishes and the endeavouring spirit of our departed friends. To sing with their heart on the stage, to live up to the expectations of the fans, who will feel the sincerity. Keep on working hard!" The award was accepted by Lam Chun Keung's sister on his behalf and in acceptance, she said: "Despite the departure of my litte brother, Roman, Leslie and Anita, I hope that the music industry will continue to shine and glow and put Hong Kong in a leading position."

There were a couple of upsets on the night as the popular group Boy'z were deprived of a newcomer award as rumours immediately started about the Gold Newcomer winners 2R and Bronze winner Don Li being given awards based on their television work for TVB. Also, some technical hitches meant that some stars were unable to hear the music resulting in some less than perfect performances, such as Eason Chan who seemed a little annoyed afterwards. Due to lack of rehearsal time, Kelly Chen also had difficulties as she duetted with Andy Lau singing Leslie's classic "Who will Understand", but Andy did his best to reassure her as he held her hand during the performance.


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