Monday, December 15, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

The Wai Yin Association will be holding a charity sale this weekend and as well as clothing, there will also be skincare items, home furnishings and designer bags for sale, with the proceeds all going to help charities for the elderly. Last year's sale raised a total of $198,500.

As the president of the association this year, Anne Heung has donated over twenty items of clothing for the sale and she says she that if she had more time to sort them out, she would have given even more, but she has been busy filming lately. She is currently dating an executive from M8 [Talent Management], but amid rumours that she is planning to sign with them after her contract with TVB end and send away Yoyo Mung, Anne says that she still has a whole year with TVB and she has not thought about this at all. Moreover, her relationship with TVB is very good. She adds: "My boyfriend and I keep our personal and professional lives separate. (Will you plan your career with your boyfriend?) I will ask all my friends for their opinions and he has offered me advice. (What if he tells you to sign with his company?) I have not thought so far in the future, in truth I am very happy with my current position."

With Christmas coming, she will most likely be working and has not yet had time to buy presents. She laughs: "I am a really uninspired person, but I have thought about making presents myself such as knitting scarves or baking a cake. (Has your boyfriend bought you any presents?) No! (What? Not even when he was wooing you?) We usually just went to eat and it's not quite Christmas yet."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Sonija Kwok, James Wong and Lily Lei were guests at the launch of a new watch product yesterday and they were all given a sample as a gift. Sonija already has ten watches, but just in case she loses it at work, she will not usually wear an expensive watch. Recently she has been appearing at many events and has had a good income, she laughst that this is all bringing her closer to buying a new apartment. She also laughs: "Actaully I wanted to buy myself a watch as a reward, but now I have been given one, I can save more money!"

As Christmas approaches, has she bought a present for her boyfriend? She says not yet, but she wants to buy him a watch. Her boyfriend is currently performing on stage in China and then will be returning to work in Taiwan, so they will not be able to spend Christmas together. When asked if she is bothered at their lack of time together, she smiles: "It's better than nothing. (Are you worried that this will affect your relationship?) No, we keep in touch on the phone and I am busy with my own work anyway. (Has your boyfriend bought you any expensive presents?) No, the most important thing is the thought."

Rosamund Kwan's boyfriend James (Jimmy) Wong responded to magazine reports suggesting that he has to work hard to fund their expensive habits, saying: "The reports that draw pictures can write anything they want, but none of them are true. (Who pays the bill when you go out?) We don't count these things, sometimes I pay, sometimes she pays. As for work, I have always wanted to get more work, but after a period of taking on bad guy roles, I wanted to stop for a while to stop this affecting my image. I would like to change my style a little." Early next year, he will be filming an ancient series for the Mainland, does that mean he will not have time for his girlfriend? He says that she supports him in his work and she will not complain. As for Christmas, what will be be buying her? He says: "If I told you there would be no surprise!"

Lily also has a loving boyfriend and when asked if she will be exchanging presents with him at Christmas, she laughs that she still owes him a present for his birthday six months ago, never mind a Christmas present! She laughs: "It's hard to pick presents for men, they are usually quite expensive." However as her boyfriend says that he wants to cycle to lose weight, she might buy him a bicycle. When asked if she would accompany him, she says that if he is skilful enough, she doesn't mind sitting behind him. When the reporters mentioned how romantic this is, she says that they like to have a normal romantic life, such as walking on the beach or on the Peak and would prefer this to having a meal in a five-star restaurant. Ultimately, she has some popularity, would this not be inconvenient? She says that she doesn't mind because dating is a normal thing and she is not a superstar status. She says: "Sometimes on the street, some fans will ask for my autograph and we will have our photos taken with them, but he is a very traditional man and is sometimes more shy than me. For example when we are waiting to cross the road, I will lean on his shoulder, but he tells me to stand up straight because he is worried that a photo might get sent to the press!"


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