Friday, December 19, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB stars including Anne Heung, Bernice Liu, Annie Man, Jay Lau and Pearl Ambassadors Cerina Di Graca and Wong Tin Cheung took part in a press event for TVB's "The World in One Moment at the New Year". TVB will be showing a series of short clips presenting the new year celebrations from twenty cities around the world. As for the original "The World in One Moment" series, it began airing in November 2002 and has revolutionised the presentation of sights and scenes from around the world. Since its release, it has had good reviews, so the cities that are taking part with the filming have been increased to 36, with Hong Kong being the only Asian city chosen where the filming site will be on the top floor of a hotel where the TV signals can be broadcast to many stations around the world.

Cerina has always had a lot of gossip surrounding her and when asked if she would be spending Christmas with her boyfriend, she says that she does not have a boyfriend yet, and has not had a boyfriend to spend the holidays with for a long time. She thinks a little before saying: "Up to now, I have only spent Christmas with a boyfriend in one year. (You have had many male co-stars in your shows, have none been pursuing you?) No! Anyway filming is filming, it is not real!"

Anne Heung appeared in a top revealing her tummy and was immediately snapped by all the photographers. Someone was worried about her catching a chill, but she said without fear: "I have a coat!" However seeing the reappearance of SARS, when she developed a fever, cough and headache earlier, she went straight to see the doctor because these are symptoms of SARS. When the nurse mentioned she suspected SARS, everyone in the surgery immediately looked at her and she was very embarrassed. Luckily after a full check-up, she was found to have a common cold and she was very relieved. Anne laughed: "But just for safety's sake, when they did my hair, I told them to keep away from me a little."

With a few days left to Christmas, everyone is preparing their celebrations, but Bernice Liu has to work on 24th and 25th. When she was asked if she will be celebrating with rumoured boyfriend Hawick Lau, she even said: "If I had time, I would rather spend it with my family because this year, as well as my mother and father being in Hong Kong, I have also paid for my brother to come and visit, but the flights are very limited so I don't know if he has managed to book a seat." She feels that her career development this year has been good and she will take her parents on holiday, so her family will not leave Hong Kong until the Chinese New Year.

Whilst filming on location for the Tung Wah charity show, Bernice was subjected to the sun and wind as well as the flame throwers and this made her skin very dry and irritated but she did not have time to go and see a doctor.

Annie Man will not be working over Christmas and originally she had planned to join a friend's pyjama party, but with the thought of some people being unruly, it has been changed to just a normal party. Recently she has been busy buying presents and earlier bought six in one go, but after returning home and opening some of them, she decided to keep them instead because she fell in love with them, so she will have to buy some more. When asked what she will be buying for her boyfriend, she says she has not thought about buying him a present, but she is happy to accept anything he buys her!


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Bernice showed off her Christmas present from her father that is a watch that has her autograph etched on it. She says that she will be filming for "Virtues of Harmony 2" on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so she won't be able to spend the whole time with her parents.

Annie Man is more fortunate as she will be resting until February when she starts filming a new ancient drama with Sunny Chan.


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