Tuesday, December 23, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Tomorrow will be Christmas Day and the cast of TVB's "Virtues of Harmony" including Nancy Sit, Frankie Lam, Bondy Chiu, Michael Tse, Bernice Liu and Kingdom Yuen held a Christmas party in the studio yesterday. The decorated a Christmas tree together, then played musical chairs where the loser had to eat with their hands tied behind their back. Finally an appearance by Lau Dan as Father Christmas bringing everyone chocolates took the atmosphere to a climax.

Frankie will be marrying Kenix Kwok in March next year, but originally he was hoping for the wedding to be in October or November, because the weather is better. However as they had to fit in their work commitments and also because they wanted to go on a honeymoon before starting work again, they would not be able to fit it in at the end of the year. As for their honeymoon location, they will go to many places for at least two weeks, maybe even for a month.

As Frankie has work commitments lined up elsewhere, he will be leaving "Virtues" for a while as of January until after his wedding. At the moment, he is troubled over his best man and entourage, because he had originally chosen someone, but he has had more offers recently and he has had to turn people down. However, Timmy Hung and Raymond Cho will definitely be a part. Frankie says: "The most touching thing is that some friends who have emigrated have called me asking if I needed help. I had to turn them down, but I am very happy." At the same time, whenever he is out on the streets or filming, there will be many people congratulating him, showing how many people have been following his good news and are happy for him. When asked how many tables he will be having at the banquet, he says that because of the venue, the most they can have are 50 tables, but that would be very crowded, so forty would be better. However he is then worried it would not be enough for all their friends, and he will not consider having it over three days because it would be too tiring. As for sponsors, he says that the wedding gown, jewellery, evening clothes and cakes have all been sponsored. He feels that he has support from all sides for his wedding and is especially comforted.


Although Bondy Chiu has her boyfriend to spend Christmas with, she is still not forgetting about making money. Despite having to work on filming "Virtues of Harmony" on Christmas day, she will then be heading up to Dongguan for a show because this is the perfect chance to make some extra money, so she would rather sleep on the way than miss the chance. However, on the evening of Christmas Eve, she will be spending it with her boyfriend and some friends to exchange gifts. She laughs: "I like to spend festivals with a group of friends, because the atmosphere is happier. On New Year's Eve this year, I will be doing a countdown show in Macau. (But this is the first Christmas with your boyfriend, is he not upset?) He can be with me when I am working and we have already exchanged presents. I bought him a new design mobile phone, what did he buy me? I wait until Boxing Day before I open my presents, so I don't know yet."

As for the party on Christmas Eve, the reporters warned Bondy to stay safe and she smiled slyly as she replied: "To be safe, you have to be careful every day and not just on Christmas Eve, because we are all so busy!" When asked if she was excited to be spending the holiday with her boyfriend, she smiled sweetly and said: "It does seem like I found a long lost warmth."

With a seemed rise in the economy and market, has her income increased this year from the shows? Bondy says that it is similar to the past, because although there is more work, the fee has fallen by 20 or 30% so there has not been much change in her income.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu's 21 year-old little brother Caleb has arrived in Hong Kong from Canada to visit her and yesterday, Bernice showed him around TVB City. However he has no interest in joining showbiz. Bernice smiles: "My brother will be leaving Hong Kong on 1st January, but I have to work these few days, so I can't take him shopping. (Tell your rumoured boyfriend Hawick to take him around!) Yeah, that would be good becasue two guys shopping would be better, but Hawick has to work as well!" Caleb says that he has met Hawick already because Hawick picked him up from the airport.


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Bernice revealed happily that at the Winter Festival on Monday, she could finally have dinner together with her father, mother and brother as a family. She says: "We haven't been together for a long time, but unfortunately my elder sister is still in Canada. Earlier when I was studying back in Canada, she was teaching in Japan, then when I came to Hong Kong she returned to Canada. When we had dinner, we called my sister, so it was like being back together again."


[Ta Kung Pao]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik together with Nicki Chung headed to Macau to appear in a press conference for the New Year's Eve show held by TVB in conjunction with the local tourist board. At the event, it was revealed that Cecilia Cheung and Nic Tse will be the opening and closing ceremony guests in Hong Kong and Macau respectively. Producer Wai Sai Fai was asked whether they had intentionally split the former rumoured couple in order to prevent embarrassment, but he explained: "The truth is that they both have other commitments and that resulted in this arrangement. It was not down to a request from the record company or themselves."

Also when Mandy was asked if she was excited about counting down the new year in Macau, she smiled: "There will be fireworks there that night and I have never watched them from so close up, so I am looking forward to it. In the past I have not watched them in the streets because I am afraid of the crowds, so I have always just watched them on television as it is more comfortable." She also says that she will take the chance to buy the famous products such as Phoenix Rolls and Dried Pork as Christmas gifts for her family. She says that it is not just for convenience, but she has just been very busy lately learning her Taiji and also preparing for the Miss Chinese International pageant and so has had little time for buying presents. Sha also adds that the value is not in the gift, but in the thought.


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