Friday, December 19, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang and Cindy Au were the cast members taking part in the studio blessing ceremony for new series "Chicken Soup of the Soul". At the ceremony, Sunny held a pile of invitation cards and everyone mistook him for handing out wedding invitations! However they were for the opening of his joint restaurant venture with some friends that will be opening on the 27th of this month. Sunny's restaurant is in Tsimshatsui East and with the trial run earlier, his business wasn't bad. He says that they are rushing to have the opening before the Christmas season so that they can make the most of the business at Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year and Spring Celebrations. As this is his first business investment, Sunny is very apprehensive, so when he has time he will personally go and watch over his restaurant. When he was asked how much he has invested, he says there are 10-20 investors in totla so each person's individual investment is not over one million dollars.

As for his wish to get married before the year of the monkey, has he chosen a date yet? Sunny says that after he finished filming "Chicken Soup" then he will get married straight away. As the filming is due to complete on 18th January, he will be flying abroad with girlfriend Ada To to get married as they do not want it to be a very lavish ceremony. Does he want to have children after getting married? He laughs: "We will not prevent it, otherwise we wouldn't need to get married."

Roger Kwok is currently filming in Hengdian in China and therefore will not be with his girlfriend Cindy Au for Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year or even her birthday. However, Cindy understands that her boyfriend's work is important and has no complaints. Although Roger is unable to spend her birthday with her, he has already prepared a present and it was very thoughtful. Cindy smiles: "He gave me a copy of 'Jimmy Pictorial' but he has hidden it in a secret place and will only give me hints on my birthday by phone as to where to find it, but I am not used to these romantic gestures, so I will have to learn how to enjoy it!"

When asked if she will be visiting Roger in Hengdian, she says she is currently discussing a telemovie and if it goes ahead, she will be heading out to Hengdian in January and hopes to be able to see him then. Talking of her birthday and getting another year older, has she thought about getting married to Roger? She laughs: "Basically in the next two years, we don't have the time in our schedules, but getting married is down to destiny and fate. He is at a peak at the moment and I am still climbing. Moreover, we are both baby-faced, so we should be able to work a few more years yet!"


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

At the blessing ceremony for "Chicken Soup of the Soul", Joyce Tang praised her other half in the show Kevin Cheng, saying that he is a naturally handsome guy, seemingly not even thinking about boyfriend Marco Ngai as she said it. Joyce explains that in the show, she has secretly admired Kevin for twenty years and in order to get into character, she has to admire him off camera as well. She laughs that her boyfriend is always flirting with other girls so she is just getting her own back on him.

Joyce also reveals that after making this series, she has transformed into a dancer because in the show, she often goes dancing to get things off her mind and so she has to become an expert in Tango, Rock'n'Roll, Slow and other dances. However the funniest thing is when she is dancing the Tango, she didn't know how to carry herself and her partner Kwok Cheuk Wah was unable to hold her up.

As for reports that she was spotted having dinner with Marco and they seemed to have nothing to say to each other and suggesting that there was a break in the relationship, Joyce laughs that it is a rare moment when they are not talking to each other because they usually can't stop chatting. Joyce emphasises that her relationship is stable and they will be going away on holiday once their current work is finished.


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