Thursday, December 11, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao & Sing Pao]

Moses Chan and Sonija Kwok appeared dressed in classical costumes at the opening to a new beauty store yesterday. The event organisers had arranged for them to travel around the city in flowery carriages, but they had to take care not to hit their heads on the signs in the street as they were paraded around. Luckily their reactions were fast enough and they avoided being hit. However as the carriages were carried through the streets, a crowd built up and followed it around, causing an obstruction at one point.

TVB Director Mrs Li Hau Wo also appeared at the event, after claiming not to know who Moses was after he gained an award at last year's anniversary, it was very different yesterday and when she saw Moses, she not only chatted with him, but also praised him in public as a "Clever Guy" with a great talent. She even knew what series Moses has starred in. When Moses was asked about this, he was very happy and laughed: "Really? She has really watched my series?" He says that of course he is pleased at being noticed, but he is also thankful to her. As for what Mrs Li said to him, he says that Mrs Li said he looked stylish with a bald head and he joked that it has made it all worthwhile!

Also, Sonija Kwok has been making some good money lately, completing three ads in the space of a month, she thinks that next year's tax bill will be much higher than in the past. With a suggestion that you pay less tax if you are married, she says he will not get married because she wants to pay less tax. As for parading around the streets of Tsimshatsui, she said: "I feel like a queen, but the people carrying the carriage are very tired, if I could ride a horse instead, that would be even better!" Sonija indicated that her dress is rather conservative because she has been up and down all day so she avoided the sexy look.


[Ta Kung Pao]

In order to raise the profile of TVB Pearl after enlisting the 'Pearl Ambassadors' Amanda Boll and Victoria Jolly last year, TVB is continuing the tradition and this year inviting last year's and this year's Miss Photogenic Cerina De Graca and Selena Lee together with newcomer Wong Tin Cheung to take on the ambassador role this year as they met the press yesterday.

When Cerina was asked if she was worried about being 'Pearl Ambassador' would mean her Chinese would deteriorate, she laughed: "No, actually after filming so many series, it has made my English deteriorate, so now I can get practising my English again." With her relative ease in attracting gossip, Cerina was asked whether she was afraid of being linked with Tin Cheung. She says she is not afraid because she is just concentrating on her work and at the end of the month, she will be heading into China to film for "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" for twenty days, so she will be preparing many warm strips to keep warm.

Selena has not yet decided if she will be staying in showbiz as she hopes to try more things and see if she is still interested before she decides. As for this role of ambassador, she says she was quite surprised becuase she has been praised she has an ancient beauty, but now she has been sent to promote the English channel.

As for newcomer Wong Tin Cheung, he was discovered after filming an insurance advertisement and the twenty-two year old studied music at the University of Hawaii, so if he gets the chance, he would like to sing and try writing his own songs. When asked if he was worried about being linked with Cerina, he says he has not thought about it.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Joe Ma has been to Malaysia recently to do some promotional work for TVBI and missed the accidental death scene for his character in "Triumph in the Skies", however some devoted fans have recorded it for him to watch together when he returned to Hong Kong.

Joe took part in a fan club event upon his return and over thirty fans had contacted his electric toothbrush sponsor to borrow a venue where they could enjoy the re-run of Vincent's death in a traffic accident in Rome. Many fans felt that he died without worth and some fans even cried from beginning to end, with some even commenting that he died so stylishly.

Joe feels very thankful to his fan club for organising this event as some of them prepared sushi for dinner. Someone even gave him a lucky packet for good luck!


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