Tuesday, December 09, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Over a hundred Nancy Sit fans from Singapore and Malaysia formed a group visiting Hong Kong and after a gathering with Nancy in the afternoon, they then went to see Connie Chan's concert where Nancy was a guest star. During the party yesterday afternoon, Nancy's sponsors offered many gifts for use in the prize draw. At the end of last month, Nancy flew to Los Angeles for a stage performances and to film an ad, but in order to meet her fans, Nancy rushed back making her 19 hour flight. During her time in America, Nancy became ill with flu, but luckily many of her doctor friends offered medication and she kept her voice for the performance. However, with the abundance of germs around at the moment, she will be more careful in the future.

Also, talking about the sad news about Ke Shou Liang's death, Nancy says she was very surprised and couldn't believe it. It turns out that she had previously been in discussions about making a series in Taiwan where Ke was to play her boyfriend, but she had to turn it down because of "Virtues of Harmony". However, they worked together this year at a charity show and she was looking forward to their next co-operation, but that has turned into their last co-operation. Nancy praises 'Xiao Ke' as a very talented man who had a warm charitable heart and a lovely devoted wife. Although these things are hard to come to terms with, she hopes that his wife will be strong. She also feels that with so many things happening this year, she feels that in addition to work, she should also cherish her life.


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