Wednesday, December 24, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

As it is Christmas Day today, the five Miss Hong Kong representatives Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik, Selena Li and Carrie Lee took part in a Christmas party held for the TVB Exernal Affairs Department. However they arrived late because they were filming a promotional clip to try and attract overseas contestants for next year's contest. As for Christmas Eve, Mandy says that she spent it at home with her family and received many presents, including photographs, a scarf and some cards. Although the other Miss HK have given her presents, she has not opened them yet, nor has she had time to thank the others. As for what she would most like to receive, she thinks for a moment before smiling: "I would like to receive a boyfriend, I hope he can appear next year." She says that since entering Miss HK, possibly because of her work, she has not had many pursuants and as for her requirements in a partner, they are very simple in that they need to be able to make her happy and go to eat with her.

Rabee'a's family are overseas and she only has an aunt in Hong Kong, but she has gone to Thailand for Christmas, so she went to Priscilla's home for a Christmas Dinner. She says: "In the past when I was abroad, we would have turkey every year, so I am unhappy that we can't do that this year." Later, Rabee'a will be hosting a food programme with Vincent Kuk, where she will be going to the market to buy things to cook herself. She says that when she was young, she would go to the market with her grandmother, so she is not averse to going there. Also her cooking skills are not bad, as she can cook both Chinese and Western food. Her best dish is roast turkey!


[Ta Kung Pao]
Kingdom Yuen, Joyce Chan and Helen Ma all appeared at a charity event yesterday and sold peanuts to raise funds for needy elderly people. Of the three, Kingdom was the most popular and some charitable folk even donated $1000 notes for her peanuts, making Kingdom rather excited. Although she already has a boyfriend 'Good-looking guy', there have been rumours about her having a 'close relationship' with Joyce and suggestions that her 'boyfriend' is just a smokescreen. In response, both parties don't seem to find it of note as they joke about it. Kingdom adds that they have each got their own itinerary for Christmas to prevent any more rumours. As for her boyfriend being a smokescreen, she says with resignation: "It's more like a fog, because whenever I go out, I will take Joyce with me!"

Joyce also jokes that when she and Kingdom go out, Kingdom pays for everything and they eat and drink so happily, so that is why she has put on weight! As for suggestions that Kingdom is introducing her to partners, Joyce says: "All the people she introduces to me are in their forties, they are a bit too old for me!" Then Kingdom continues the joke, saying that Joyce does not like 'older' men, so that rules out rumoured boyfriend Johnny Tang. Joyce laughs that Johnny is not only old, he also has many other problems so there is no chance of them being together.


[Sing Pao & The Sun]

Having just returned from Canada, Joyce Cheng has been very determined to slim down lately and has shown results. Earlier, she accompanied her mother Lydia Shum to a function and she showed a little of her accomplishments as the mother and daughter posed happily for photos at the request of the press.

At a Christmas Party at a hotel on Tuesday, Lydia and Joyce were seen attending together and Joyce wore a strappy dress that revealed her shoulders, not minding at all about showing her slimming results. At the event, everyone was praising her on how good she looks and asked her to pose for photographs. Joyce smiled politely and then stood with her mother for photos. They left after the party at 11pm, but did not give any interviews.

Earlier, Joyce had appeared at for a session at her slimming company. Later, the company boss Shirley Cheung was asked about her progress and she said: "It is ok as long as we balance her body shape with her weight. (Has Joyce thought about entering entertainment?) Let her finish her studies first, she is still so young. (Will you ask her to be your spokesperson?) Let her finish slimming first."


[Oriental Daily]

This year's Christmas is a special one for Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok as the couple have decided to marry next year on 10th March and this will be the last Christmas they spend as singles. However, Kenix and Frankie have chosen to spend the day with friends, laying on a party at home and sharing the day with them. In order to have a happy time, Kenix, who has just finished filming a series, has prepared a huge party, with a Christmas tree and decorations. Frankie has also been with his fiancee to go and buy presents. Kenix has always loved Christmas trees and feels that this adds to the Christmas feel, so they have also been to visit the 70 ft Crystal Christmas tree in Festival Walk to look for inspiration on how to make their tree look pretty.

Ever since announcing their wedding, the couple have met with the good wishes of passers-by who they meet on the street and this has made them very happy. Frankie admits that for Kenix to agree to marry him, this is already the greatest Christmas present. However what the couple find most interesting is the number of sponsors who are interested in them. This has made their bookings for Christmas appearances break all records and with their income already going up before the wedding, Kenix appears to be bringing a lot of good luck to her husband and no wonder Frankie's parent's are longing to see them married.


[Oriental Daily]

Flora Chan and Joe Ma went to celebrate the final episode of "Triumph in the Skies" earlier and became the target of reports in a magazine suggesting they were having an affair and accusing Joe of being unfaithful to his wife and family. After reading these reports, Joe says: "It is just too much, simply making things up from nothing, but this news will not affect the relationship I have with my family or my co-stars, because it is so fake." Maybe he has become used to facing negative press, so he was still laughing as he said: "In the show I got on the best with Francis Ng and we are meeting up for dinner a few times a week, so why don't they link me with him?"

As for Flora, she was in a relaxed mood and said: "Ha! The reporters are too absorbed into the characters of Vincent and Belle, so they are still continuing the stories after the show has ended. However, this proves how successful "Triumph" has been. (Will this affect you?) I haven't thought about it, it is not real and is just a pointless incident."


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