Sunday, December 14, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Saturday night's Tung Wah Charity Event broke last year's records as the final result was announced as HK$73,888,888. Fronting the show all the way to half past four in the morning was Eric Tsang who was very pleased with the result and said: "I remember in the past there were two years when we did not break the previous year's records, so maybe this was due to an improvement in the economy that has achieved this result." After hosting the seven hour telethon, Eric was extremely tired and said: "I have been flying around recently and on Monday I will be flying out to Taiwan to continue with the arrangements for the funeral of Blackie Ko."

After his performance on the night being one of the most dangerous and breathtaking and slipping twice during the act and frightening Lydia Shum, Nic Tse was asked whether he was pleased with his performance. He said: "It was alright, I could have done better with more rehearsal it could have looked better. My arms and legs were a little stiff from the cold and the rope was quite knotted, together with Lydia's screaming all affected my performance." When asked if he was pleased with the $300,000 he raised, he said: "For charity, it is not important about the amount. Even if there is just one dollar donated, I will still do it."

Also, appearing for the first time on Tung Wah, Joey Yung revealed that she supported the charity before she entered showbiz by raising money in the Kwai Ching housing area and also going to the old TV City to watch the show. She remembers one year she saw Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, Leon Lai and Louis Koo and she asked them for their autographs before sneaking into ancient street with her mother and brother to take a souvenir photograph.


[The Sun]

Stars from "Triumph in the Skies" took part in a promotional event at the airport car park yesterday and the show was stolen by Francis Ng and Ron Ng as many girls crowded around them for photos and autographs.

Francis Ng, Flora Chan, Myolie Wu and Ron Ng were among those who promote the show at the airport and TVB had also arranged for forty lucky viewers to join them in a fun day, playing games in teams. Francis' team won overall and gained a prize of a plane ticket to Bangkok for his team members. Francis' pilot image has been deeply engraved in the audience's hearts and many fans praised him for looking so handsome. Playing Francis' brother in the show, Ron Ng was by no means in his shadow as most of his young girl fans asked for his autograph and posed for photos with him. When he was dubbed as 'Lady Killer' Ron said: "Don't say that, thanks to TVB for giving me this opportunity." He reveals that he will be filming a new show with Myolie in the new year and when asked if he was worried about gossip, he laughed: "Not at all, when she was in the Miss Hong Kong competition, I was the dancer by her side. We have known each other for a long time, so it should be okay."

Also, Flora Chan found the rumours about her and her new manager rather pointless, but said that she would not be unhappy about this: "If I did have a boyfriend, I would reveal it because I don't want dating to be such hard work. I hope to be myself, but I really don't have anyone at present." She has just seen Anita Mui's pictoral special and feels empathetic: "Anita says in her book that when she is dining with a group of men, she will pay her own way. I am the same, but my friends say that this is not good because I look after other people too much. Sometimes you have to let other people look after you too."


[The Sun]

Sherming Yiu has recently fallen in love with waterskiing and her figure is becoming better and better. She reveals that she was once a 120 lb fat girl: "When I was young, I went to Canada to visit a friend and after two weeks of eating and drinking and not having much to do, being too relaxed and with no pressure on me, I put on a lot of weight. When I returned to Hong Kong I had to gradually change my diet and do more exercise to bring my weight down. Now I keep it at around 102 or 103 lbs. I will not let myself get too thin though." She laughs that many years of keep fit philosophy is all surrounding eating: "You can't not eat forever, but as long as you have many small meals, only reaching 70-80% full each time, then it is okay. You can let yourself go a little at festivals, but diet is not as important as exercise. In the summer I will go waterskiing because it uses a lot of energy and helps to firm up muscles."

Sherming's keep fit menu:
Breakfast - fruit or salad, a sandwich and a glass of fruit juice
Lunch - Veg, one portion of any meat, a bowl of pasta
Afternoon Tea - Fruit or a biscuit
Dinner - Veg, fish, one portion of any meat, a bowl of rice or pasta


[The Sun]

Yesterday, a jewellery show was held in Tuen Mun City Plaza and a group of beauties were modelling the jewels, including Angie Cheung, Cathy Tsui, Lok Gei Yee, Stephanie Wang, Chan Ka Yung and Rosemary. The set of jewellery modelled by Angie was worth over $3million and sparkled beautifully. Not having seen Angie for a while, she indicated that she had been spending time in Malaysia and the mainland and as well as planning her work, she has become the promotional ambassador for the AIDS foundation in China. Her earlier troubles with Fok Siu Kau have been pushed to the past and she says that she is in good spirits to battle with her career and doesn't want to talk about him any more. However she is yet to start a new relationship and will leave this down to fate.


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