Sunday, December 28, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Myolie Wu was guest star at a 'My Dream Home Design Competition' yesterday and sang two songs there. One was Joey Yung's "My Pride" and the other was a children's song to tie in with the entrants being from kindergarten and primary schools. As Myolie has experience of doing stage appearances, she was not nervous, but as she has recently contracted a cold that is not completely recovered, she was a little worried that her singing was a little below standard.

Yesterday's event was held at a new estate and when Myolie was asked if she was interested in buying a new property, she laughed: "I hope so. However buying a property is a big investment, so I think it will have to wait a while. (Have you set a target for when you will be buying?) Of course the sooner the better, but I hope that I can pay for it all in one go, I don't want to have to make payments and pay interest."

Myolie bought a second-hand car earlier and paid for it all in one, saving herself a lot of interest. When it was mentioned that she has been appearing at a lot of promotional events lately so she must have made a lot of money, she smiled: "I hope that I can take on more jobs so that when I open my little red book [savings book] then my eyes will light up."


[Ta Kung Pao]

With his first investment in business, Sunny Chan together with his partners officially opened their restaurant yesterday and held a small ceremony to mark this. As vice-chief executive, Sunny had called in a lot of friends to attend and his fiancee Ada To acted as MC, but she laughs that she will not be paid for the job and has not invested, because she is not interested in business. The most she will do is tell her friends to come and eat there. Talking of their plans to wed in the year of the ram, Ada says: "He will be filming until the eight day of the new year, so we probably won't be getting married again." However, even if she cannot make being a Ram bride, they will still have a low profile ceremony and they have no intention of holding a wedding banquet, just inviting a few friends for dinner at the restaurant.

When Sunny was asked if he has postponed the wedding, he laughs: "You need to prioritise everything you do, with such a big investment in the restaurant then of course you have to do all you can for it. (But your girlfriend is worried about not being able to get married.) I am worried too, but tell her not to!" As they are planning to get married abroad, but if they cannot take the time out, will they change to getting married in Hong Kong? He smiles: "We have thought about it, because I have promised many people that we will get married in the year of the ram. If we get married in Hong Kong then we will be troubling you (press) all again."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Raymond Cho was at the opening of his 'second brother' Sunny Chan's restaurant yesterday and was chatting happily to his 'second sister-in-law' Ada. As Raymond, Sunny and Frankie Lam have similar appearances, they refer to each other as brothers: Frankie is big brother, Sunny is second brother and he is the third brother.

With his second brother becoming a boss, is Raymond interested in investing in business? He says that before entering showbiz, he has already had his own childrenswear business, where they designed their own fashions before passing them to the tailors, but because there were continuously delays with the production, they were forced into closure. Raymond admits that he has always wanted to continue with his business, especially in the food and drink business; moreover, Frankie is also interested, so the brothers may be co-operating in the future. However at the moment, he will be concentrating on his acting and this can wait until after his marriage when it is time to settle down. Raymond would like to open a cafe because he feels a great affinity towards cafes; he also laughs that he has four big brothers so he will have plenty of assistance.

Talking of his adopted brothers both getting married soon, when will he be marrying John Chiang's daughter Yee Lan? He laughs: "They have all reached the shore! I am still battling, so I don't have these plans for now." He and Yee Lan have been dating for two years, her career is taking off quite well so they are in no hurry to wed.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Bondy Chiu's gossip has been very rare since she entered showbiz and apart from being linked with Nic Tse, she has not had rumours with anyone else. Because of this, her name is often being pulled together with Nic and even though he has been dating Faye Wong, the press have always asked her for remarks whenever anything happens with Nic, causing her much annoyance. However, Bondy has been released from this hassle now because she has found her true love and can now put a full stop to her relationships with Nic.

Bondy's new love appeared in July and at the time, she was spotted with this man going to the herbalists and supermarket. Even though she knew the press were around, she did not hide away as she showed how much in love she was and also how steady the relationship is. Talking of many artistes getting married or preparing for marriage recently, such as Nick Cheung, Sunny Chan and Frankie Lam, does Bondy have this intention? She laughs: "What girl doesn't want to get married, but when they want to get married, they can't find a suitable partner. When you don't want to get married, then someone will propose, so I will not force the issue of marriage, just go with fate."

As for whether she still hopes that she can make strides with her career, she says that she is already very satisfied as she is better than some, but not as good as others. She asks in return: "You tell me, of those who entered showbiz at the same time as me, how many are still in these circles? I was reckless in the past and didn't plan about rewards when I did anything, but it turns out that this will make you very unhappy, so I will not plan anything any more and now I am a lot happier."

Without noticing, Bondy has been in the industry for ten years and in this time, she has been a host, a singer and an actor. Although she has not had any outstanding results in each field, the happiest thing for her is that she has gained in confidence and she has learned to enjoy and face life. She says: "My idol is Carol Cheng because her spirit of never admitting failure is worth learning from." As she never admits failure, has she thought about facing the music industry again? She admits that the current market conditions are still not good and even the superstars album sales are poor. She feels sorry for the newcomers because much of their promotional work is no aid to the sales figures, so for now, she would rather do stage appearances because it is a more practical way of making money.

Talking of making money, the happiest thing for Bondy is being able to film "Virtues of Harmony" because as well as a steady income, she also has chances to do stage work. So is she making a lot of money? She laughs out loud and says: "OF course, I am not making as much as Nancy Sit! Also I am in the ranks of negative equity, I still have a long way to go before I see my village." However seeing her working so hard these few years, she should be able to see through the clouds soon.

Reporter: Shan Shan


[Oriental Daily]

The annual Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on 17th January and girls from all over the world have been arriving in Hong Kong. Yesterday afternoon, representatives from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Germany, New York and Toronto arrived, winning with their youthful looks.

Miss Kuala Lumpur Vivien Yeo and Miss Singapore Cassandra Wee are tall girls at 5 ft 8 ins. Last year's Miss Chinese International was won by Miss Kuala Lumpur, but 19 year-old Miss Yeo says that she has not thought about winning as it is all about taking part. Twenty-two year-old Miss Singapore looks like Mariane Chan and brought her hula hoop with her to Hong Kong. She explains that this is useful to keep fit as well as practice her talent event. Miss Frankfurt Vivian Tran looks very sweet and this is her fourth time in Hong Kong. She reveals that before she set off, she has done a lot of preparations, especially looking at the other contestants information on the internet. She also praises Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho as being very pretty.

Miss New York Lien Xian is only seventeen years old and is studying in high school as well as being a part time model. She says that she has not given herself any pressure for the contest in Hong Kong and will try her best to enjoy the experience. In New York, she met a make-up artist who also knows Mandy, who says that the two look alike.

For more details on Miss Chinese International Contestants, please see these sites:

http://www.misshkbeauties.com/04mci.htm or http://tvcity.tvb.com/special/mcip2004/main/index.html

[The Sun]

Angela Tong gave up her chance to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and instead did a stage performance in Dongguan on Christmas Eve to make some money. Although it was just a few hours, she had already made a five figure fee. Angela must make the most of her youth to earn money. She says: "If I make money they I can celebrate every day! And anyway, to be able to celebrate with so many people I was still very happy. (Did any male fans push onto the stage?) Of course not! My fans are very refined and we had photos with them after the show!"


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