Sunday, December 21, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Despite the cold, cast members from "Virtues of Harmony 2" including Bernice Liu, Nancy Sit, Frankie Lam and Lau Dan were filming out on location in Kwun Tong yesterday in a scene where Bernice and her screen father Lau Dan are in a park and she is accidentally hit by a ball, leaving her face all red. Frankie mistakes this as her being beaten by her father and goes to punch him.

With 2003 drawing to a close, Bernice feels that the year has been a rewarding one, as well as plenty of opportunities for work, she has also won a car. At the same time her jewellery sponsors gave her a set of diamond jewellery as a Christmas present, making her very happy indeed! Bernice's contract with TVB ends in April next year, but she has already extended it for another two years. Has she had a pay rise? She says: "A little! TVB's base salary will never be that high, the most important thing is down to your own hard work." After renewing her contract, TVB has already received three ads for her, including a skincare ad that she will begin filming soon.

Also, with it being Frankie Lam's birthday on Friday, the cast of "Virtues" held a birthday celebration for him in the studio and Bernice did an embroidery of a goat for him, because he was born in the year of the goat. She says: "There are a lot of 'goats' in the show's male cast, as well as Frankie, there is Michael Tse, Lau Dan, Louis Yuen and Johnny Tang, so I made them all in advance as presents!"

In one of the scenes, Lau Dan and Nancy sit on a park bench and he produces a crystal bracelet for her, but he is not proposing his love to her, he is asking her to pass the gift onto someone. Maybe because of the cold, Nancy made a mistake when she was saying her lines and they came out like she was saying something rather rude. Later, Nancy said that she was worried about them adding the clip to the NG section of the show, because it might cause some complaints.

As for in real life, does Nancy receive many offers of love? She laughs: "Loads! But I haven't had any this year, I am still waiting. (What would you most like to receive as a present?) Jewellery! I hope that people will not give me chocolate or flowers any more and I am most afraid of receiving red wine because I am worried about getting drunk!" How will she be spending her Christmas? Nancy says she will be working at Christmas, so she has not been able to schedule two ads and they will have to wait until February.

Also, when Nancy saw Frankie, she offered him a belated birthday wish and joked: "Some fortune teller has said that Frankie will have a great future, too bad I am older than him by too much!" Talking of the good news about Frankie and Kenix Kwok, Nancy promied that she will ask her cake shop sponsors to sponsor their wedding cake. As for Frankie, he sighed that he still has to work for 19 hours on his birthday, but luckily he had time to go home for dinner that evening and even though he was working, it made him feel a lot better.


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