Wednesday, December 10, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan's mood has been good of late. As well as the ratings for her show "Jade Solid Gold" rising from a historical 11 points to 18 points, the airing of her telemovie 'Death Trap' has produced some praise for her performance, so she is very comforted.

Nnadia attended Connie Chan's concert yesterday and she praises Connie, saying that she is the true Fan's Princess, with an attraction that is beyond all expectation. At the event, Nnadia bumped into Fung Bo Bo and her son Chiu Kai Chung who were guest starring at the show and Chiu who was dressed in a female opera costume gave Nnadia quite a surprise. After the show, Nnadia met a few supporters who have flown over from Singapore and as she is also quite popular over there, the fans asked to have their photos taken with her and of course Nnadia was happy to oblige.


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