Saturday, December 06, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

The much anticipated stage performance of 'Hon Kong Diu Suet' will open with its charity performance in aid of the Tung Wah Hospitals. The final dress rehearsal was held earlier at the Polytechnic University Theatre starring Lee Lung, Myolie Wu, Louisa So and Evergreen Mak.

Although this is the first time that Myolie has taken part in a theatrical performance, she was totally focussed and gave real emotions to some of her scenes. She explained that these scenes were very touching and she did not find it hard work. She says: "I felt that there were still some small flaws in tonight's rehearsal, but I am not too nervous." She adds that she has bought forty or fifty tickets for her friends, colleagues and sponsors. As for her boyfriend and family, they will be coming to watch her final performance, because she will be more settled and refined then. As for the praises that her costumes are very pretty, she feels the same and when asked if she could keep them after the performance, she laughs that she doesn't know. Also, after this show, she will be filming "Sai Seung Gei" (Tales of the Western Chamber) together with Michelle Ye, Kevin Cheng and Ron Ng.

Louisa So stars in the shoe as a silent movie star and has many beautiful costumes. In the opening scene, she is wearing a wedding dress from the Era of the Soongs that is both beautiful and retro. She praises the boss for investing in this show, but with twenty performances, won't the costumes be wasted? She says: "This show's owner MR Sit Gok Sin is well known in the mainland, so if they need to perform again in China, then the costumes will not go to waste." With a per-episode contract with TVB, she has not filmed anything for a while, so Louisa will be filming a new series in January next year.


[The Sun]

Each year, the Tung Wah Charity Show will bring newcomers to take part in swimming events and encourage people to give to charity, but with her remarkable figure, Stephanie Wang will not be taking part this year, has she been kicked out?

Yesterday, Stephanie took part in a promotional event for anime hit 'Spirited Away' and she explained boldly to the press: "TVB did ask me, but I have another job elsewhere and I am not very well, so I have turned them away. (Are you looking out for yourself so keeping out of the water?) I always look out for myself!" She says that some movie companies don't need her to be sexy and are discussing a leading role for her in a tragic historical drama that will challenge her acting ability.


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