Saturday, December 06, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Louis from "Aqua Heroes", Tam Chi Tung from "Find the Light" and currently appearing as Chris in "Triumph in the Skies", do you have any idea of the actor? If you have an impression of him, then you will know that he is one of TVB's promoted newcomers - Bosco Wong Chung Chak.

As well as his non-stop performing opportunities, Bosco was also named to appear in the grand opening item for this year's TVB Anniversary show and because of this, many people thought he would win the "Most Improved Male Artiste" award for this year, but he lost out to Raymond Lam. In response to this, he is not disappointed because he is still in the learning stage and his priority at the moment is to do his own job well, awards are just the icing on the cake.

Talking of learning, through his many series, Bosco has been able to work with many great actors, such as Damian Lau in "Find the Light", Francis Ng in "Triumph" and most recently Amy Kwok in "To Love With No Regrets" and John Chiang in "My Master is Wong Fei Hung". When asked if he has gained a lot from them, he nods and says: "I really have learned a lot, take Damian for example, after he has read a long script, he is able to pick out the important parts and will teach you how to express the intonations and emotions, what to look out for and how to act the scene. He is even able to understand the part of his co-star, so I feel that he would make a great director or producer. The best thing is that they are so friendly and are willing to teach others and the most amazing thing is that after their tuition, you will suddenly understand it."

As for Francis, although they had little scenes together, he has already experienced why he is a best actor. He says that when Francis is off camera, he will laugh and joke with everyone, but as soon as the cameras are rolling, then he will be totally serious and focussed into his role, the speed of the change is remarkable. Another senior Amy Kwok will make sure that she knows her script inside out, so that she is clear about all the changes of scene and working with her is relaxed and happy. Bosco hopes that one day his own acting will be as good as all these predecessors.

After being chosen to open the anniversary, does Bosco feel that he has found fame? He admits that every artistes hopes to be famous, but although his notoriety has increased, he is still way off from being famous. So what ambitions does he have for the future? He says: "The simplest aim is to make money, then it is to buy a large apartment to live in with my family and then build my own business, then I will be happy. (So showbiz has another filial son?) People have to eat, to say I don't wish for riches is a lie and although I am interested, I still need to be fed. However the amount of money you make is relative to your fame, because the more people who know you, then the more money you can earn and so I will keep working hard."

In fact, Bosco has only been around for three years or so, but to be able to have his own lead role already, then he is already the envy of many. He says that he has never cared for being the lead, because he is just as happy with a small role because there are so many artistes at TVB, especially youths in their twenties. To be able to do what others are not able to do, this make shim happy so he will work even harder to act every role. As for what he thinks of his own acting skills, he says that he is just passing, but is not outstanding. If he had to rate it, he would say around 70% and he hopes that one day he will make 90% or more.

In these years, Bosco's series have been continuous, but he has no complaints because he has always held the motto of 'Not afraid of death or hard work'. If he could take a holiday, he would not know what to do with himself, so he would rather keep working continuously and happy with just the odd day off now and then. He says: "An artiste's work is very driven and if we take too many breaks, we will start worrying if there are no jobs for us and become insecure, so I really don't mind working all the time!"


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