Wednesday, December 03, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Bobby Au Yeung was dressed as the Money God yesterday as ambassador for TVBI's overseas promotions, but his rather cute version of the god broke with traditions somewhat.

Bobby has previously played the Money God in the series "Ting Gong Choi Sun" (Money Just Can't Buy) and he says: "This time I am shooting the New Year promotional shorts so I am playing the Money God to celebrate the festivities. I feel very lucky because I am a very lovable Money God and everyone can gain a little luck from me when they see me. (Have you had to do any special rituals beforehand?) Just being careful what I say and say more happy words!"

As for his responsibility as promotional ambassador, it will be to promote TVB's VCDs to the overseas and mainland markets. Bobby laughs: "The best thing would be if I could go to all these places to do promotions! The first stop would be Shenzhen and then onto Europe!"


[The Sun]

Bobby Au Yeung appeared in a Money God look to promote TVB series to the overseas markets and he says that to be able to appear as a lovable god, then he is very fortunate. he says: "The films will be broadcasted at the new year all over the world. (Have you had to make offerings to play this part?) I am not religious. I am a young cutie god that is loved by all I meet and everyone wants to touch me."

His series that have been released overseas have been very popular and Bobby says with satisfaction: "Many overseas Chinese have already watched 'Armed Reaction IV' and they say it is good. 'Witness to a Prosecution' has been well accepted on the mainland. (Do you know which has been better received?) Why don't you ask me which wasn't well received?"


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