Saturday, December 06, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu won a car in last month's anniversary celebration and her father has taken it on her behalf and drove it yesterday together with his wife to collect Bernice from her Miss Chinese International promotion to have lunch together. As a previous winner of the contest, Bernice was asked what advice she had for Mandy Cho and she laughed: "I don't need to, she is already professional enough, being able to make so many appearances after winning her contest and making such great improvements."

Having been born and grown up in Canada, it is not only Cantonese that causes problems for Bernice, she also does not understand a word of Mandarin, so when the tourism chief from Dalian Chen Guangyin asked her how tall she was, she was dumbstruck and had to ask Shirley Yeung to act as her interpreter. When it was suggested that she needs to learn to speak Mandarin otherwise she will not be able to go and make money on the Mainland, she laughed: "I know, I will learn!" Actually Bernice has already started making stage appearances on the mainland, but because she has limited Mandarin abilities, she can only just sing each time and not interact with her audience.

Also, Bernice's mother has terminated her textiles company in Canada so she can now spend more time in Hong Kong to be with her.


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