Monday, December 29, 2003

[The Sun]

Wearing sequinned strappy dresses, the twenty-one Miss Chinese International contestants met the press and on average, the standards in their education was quite high. Besides Number 6 Miss Tahiti Myrna Seow who is a Masters student, Number 10 Miss Montreal Mymy Ngo is a registered physiotherapist and Number 19 Miss Melbourne Amanda Ong is a registered doctor.

This year's MCI's standards are quite even, but of the more outstanding include Number 17 Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho, 'Takako Tokiwa lookalike' Number 8 Miss Los Angeles Chui Ching Kit and Number 11 Miss Auckland Lee Chiu Ting.

Mandy Cho reveals that at the moment they are all training together in a hotel, so she cannot go home: "I can't go back to my home now, so if I need anything I have to tell my mum to drop it off at the hotel lobby for me."

Also, Number 12 Miss Vancouver Linda Chung hails from the "Miss Chinese International Cradle" UBC that has produced former MCI winners including Tiffany Lam and Bernice Liu. The filming for MCI will begin on 3rd January in Dalian and the final will take place on 17th January.


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