Sunday, December 21, 2003

[The Sun]

Myolie Wu appeared with Raymond Lam at the opening of a Christmas event in Stanley yesterday and wearing a black dress with pink boots, Myolie looked alluring as many of the fans in the audience called out to her by her character name Zoe from "Triumph in the Skies", amid her happiness there was also a little worry that the audience would forget her soon: "The forty episodes have finished airing so quickly, so I am worried about whether the viewers will still remember me after a while. I hope that my other shows 'Dreams of Colours' and 'Net Deception' will air soon." Currently busy appearing in a stage show, after this Myolie will be appearing with Ron Ng and Michelle Ye in ancient drama "Sai Seung Kei Yuen" (Destinies of the Western Chamber) and she sighs that she has little time to spend with her boyfriend over Christmas: "I don't even have time to buy him a present, but I think that if I have a little time to spend with him, that is already the best present."


[Oriental Daily]

'Vincent' has not died after all and he has got back with 'Belle', meeting up in Central in the early hours??????

Yesterday at about 2am, Joe Ma, Flora Chan, Ron Ng and 'Triumph in the Skies' producer Poon Ka Tak were sighted in Central by some reporters and during the photos, Joe Ma immediately sprang away from Flora Chan. Later when Flora was called about this, she revealed that a group of cast from "Triumph" had arranged to go for a meal to watch the last episode together and they occupied three tables. Afterwards, they felt that they had not had enough, so about twenty of them went for a drink and a chat.

As for why Joe evaded her, Flora laughed: "I didn't notice him, I don't think he was evading, just with his long arms and legs he moves faster than the rest of us. (Is he worried about you and your gossip so he is keeping away?) I don't think so, we are all the same. I have to thank you for feeling that this was worth looking into, but you missed out by just photographing us because there were about twenty other people there as well."

Also, Ron Ng has been filming for "Double Dragon of the Tang" for nearly six months in the Mainland, so he went out to catch up with everyone and spent a few hours chatting.


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung's Christmas this year will be a little special, not because she has taken the TVB award, but because this will be the first time she has spent it in Beijing as she has already set off for Hengdian. Filming for her series "War and Beauty", Maggie said happily: "To be able to spend Christmas with a big group of people in a foreign place will be fun and it should be snowing in Beijing by then, so we can have a white Christmas."

With the start of a new year, Maggie was asked what plans she has. She says: "Of course I would like to have a lot of work, make more ads as well as different types of series, such as English-language series for other countries. Actually I also have a plan to write a book about health." Although she has fulfilled her wish to become 'My favourite female role award' winner, Maggie has not become conceited because of this as she says: "Getting this award has not put more pressure on myself, but rather it is a driving force. This is just a small reward, the path ahead is still long and I will need to give myself an even bigger breakthrough in my career with higher targets and challenges."


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