Monday, December 08, 2003

[The Sun]

Kenix Kwok's contract with her manager Helen and her company L&P will be up at the end of the month and there are reports that she will be leaving this management company and seeking a new manager. Kenix admitted yesterday: "I do not intend to renew my contract because I would like to move to a new environment and have some new developments in my career."

Kenix has decided to marry Frankie Lam next year, but she has always been very career orientated and says that she will continue working after marriage: "Getting married does not signify the ending of a career, I just hope to have some new sparks with a new manager." Although she has not confirmed her direction, there have already been many offers from other companies and as Kenix will soon be heading up to the mainland to film a property advertisement, she has not yet had time to deal with it. She laughs that she needs to select her manager carefully, so it can't be rushed. Kenix emphasises that she has always worked well with Helen and the two have 'parted' on good terms: "Helen agrees that I should go and try other things and hopes that I can find that new spark!".


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