Monday, December 01, 2003

[The Sun]

Just having celebrated her birthday, Kenix Kwok spent the day before with her good friends, polishing off 50 crabs in one night. Boyfriend Frankie Lam was by her side all evening leaving her very touched!

Kenix's birthday was on 27th and was fortunate enough to spend the evening at a party with her friends. The day before her birthday, friends including Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung and Raymond Cho joined her in a big crab meal finishing with birthday cakes and buns to celebrate, counting down to the special day with the birthday girl and giving her a surprise.

When Kenix was interviewed on the phone, she said: "Just on that day, I cut four cakes together with the crabs and champagne provided by my friends, it was quite a feast! Last week was like a 'birthday week' because I was celebrating with so many people. Even though Christine Ng was filming in China, she still came back especially to celebrate with me and I am thankful to everyone for caring for me so much."

On the day of the birthday party, Frankie was present and helped look after the guests. As for what present he has given her, Kenix hints: "He gives me a present every year, but it is a secret! (Is it a $500,000 ring?) No, that's my engagement ring! I am still choosing it, Frankie has always been very thrifty, but he won't be like that with me. I feel that it is unnecessary because it is the thought that counts and we shouldn't be so materialistic, moreover I daren't wear a $500,000 ring out so it would be a waste, that's why I told him not to buy it!"


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