Thursday, December 04, 2003

[The Sun]

Gaining the award for 'Slimmed Beauty' at this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant, Carrie Lee has a slim build and an elastic stomach so when faced with a host of delicious eats, she will not hold back. Recently she has taken a fancy to Portuguese cuisine because of its strong and aromatic flavours that is a delight to all the senses! Since taking part in the contest, Carrie has kept up her keep fit figure, so surely she has been putting in some hellish training. But life is full of surprises and she has actually been letting herself go when it comes to fine dining, especially her favourite Korean Barbecue. When we take our hat off to her, Carrie laughs: "I have an elastic stomach and a small frame, together with regular exercise, then no matter how much I eat I will not gain weight! So how would I hold back on my appetite?"

Together with her love for the barbecue, Carrie has recently become a fanatic of Portuguese cookery, in particular "Portuguese Duck baked with Coconut Milk" that is her favourite. She says: "Portuguese flavours are famous for their strong and aromatic tastes and that is just right for my palate! Among them the 'Portuguese Duck' is very special, with the meat as smooth as chicken and the texture a cut above the rest. It really is an extraordinary attraction." Also, 'Portuguese Waxy Sausage', 'Baked Sardines' and 'Green Soup' also makes her face light up as she quickly engulfs her top three.

As for work, Carrie has been with TVB for less than six months, but she has already been filming series and doing some hosting. This has really opened her eyes as she says: "Thank you to TVB for giving me so many opportunities, I will continue working hard and will see Kenix Kwok as my target. I hope to be as beautiful and talented as her." Carrie admits she is full of enthusiasm for life in front of the camera and her talents are in acting and singing so she has much ambition for the future.

Mini Profile
Chinese Name: Lee Ka Yee, English Name: Carrie, Birthday: 05 May 1981, Height: 170cm, Weight: 49 kg, Strengths: Singing, dancing and reactions.


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