Friday, December 19, 2003

[The Sun]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok have decided their marriage date as 10th March next year. The ceremony will take place in Hong Kong and Frankie indicates that this is the best ever birthday present, to marry a good wife.

Since Kenix agreed to marry Frankie, the two have been planning to marry next year and originally they had thought about the end of the year, but their friends are more excited than they are and have been hurrying them to do it as soon as possible, so finally they have decided on March 10th, holding the ceremony in Hong Kong and then having a banquet in the evening for their friends and families.

Earlier, Kenix took part in a dinner event for "Shine on You" (aka From Blue Grows Green) where other cast members including Michael Tao, Chiu Ching Yi and Cerina Di Graca all congratulated the bride and raised their glasses in celebration. When asked about the details of the wedding, Kenix says that they are currently planning: "The bridesmaid will be my brother's girlfriend, the best man will be Timmy Hung and we will be registering and celebrating in Hong Kong, after all it is a happy occasion and we are not afraid of letting people know." Ever since announcing the good news, Kenix says that everything has run very smoothly as ads have been rolling in and Producer Mui Siu Ching has approached her to be the lead in her next series, so as soon as the wedding is over, she will be filming again. She says: "Getting married has no effect on work, Frankie and I will still be working hard and have no plans to have kids just yet."

Also, Frankie's birthday yesterday was spent filming, but with a couple of hours spare, he had dinner with Kenix to celebrate: "Kenix had already celebrated with me the night before! (What did she get you for your birthday present?) To be able to marry her is the best present ever and with the good ratings for 'Virtues of Harmony' I already feel justified to myself and the company." He says that after marriage, he will work even harder because he hopes that he can offer Kenix an even more fortunate life.

Kenix was filming in China earlier for a real estate company and she says she has already been working with this company for four years and the boss has invested a lot in the ad, preparing lots of pretty costumes for her, including a sexy image. Kenix laughs: "A little sexiness is okay as long as everyone is happy over Christmas!" Kenix will have a groundbreaking performance in this ad, because as well as the pretty photographs, she will be singing the theme song to the ads and will be openly performing her song later. she says that she has been learning to sing so she is confident about singing live. Also, Kenix will be having a party at her home for Christmas for thirty friends where they will be exchanging presents and having fun with a cash lucky draw!


[The Sun]

Joe Ma and Ron Ng were guests at a new Swatch outlet at the airport yesterday and were quickly surrounded by many fans of their show "Triumph in the Skies". Ron was especially popular with the girls showing the power of his youth, but he responded modestly, saying: "The series has brought me a lot of advertising opportunities, but more important is the support from the fans. I hope that you will give me more opportunities in the future."

Later when Joe appeared at a press conference for a Yan Chai Charity Event, his popularity was just as strong there as he was quickly surrounded by a group of ladies fighting to have their photos taken with him. A repeat happened later when Joe was filming a promotional shoot at Stanley when over a hundred schoolgirl fans were screaming at him proving his popularity is not far behind Ron's.


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