Wednesday, December 03, 2003

[The Sun]

Dressed as Lara Croft, it was Yumiko Cheng's turn to film for the item in this year's charity event and strung up by her thighs with wires, she says that Bernice Liu's figure is miles better so she can only compensate with her moves.

Yumiko appeared in sexy shorts and top to film for her 'Tomb Raiders' performance for this year's TVB Tung Wah Charity Show, when she will be working with Bernice Liu, both appearing dresssed as Lara Croft. Yumiko had her coat on all night and even when she was doing the wirework, she still rushed back to the car for her diving jacket. When asked if she was worried she would not be as eyecatching as Bernice, she says: "There is no comparison, you can tell by looking so I will just have to make up for it with my moves. (Are you worried people will compare your figures?) No, the show is all about raising money."

This is the first time Yumiko has tried wirework and she says: "I am not afraid of heights and it is quite good fun, but my inner thighs are quite painful and I can't add any pads, but it's okay and I will try to bear it to cut down on NG's. I've heard from Eason that it hurts even more for men."

This event will be quite exhilarating with Bernice dashing through flame throwers and Yumiko trying many things for the first time, being suspended three to four storeys up and using real guns. She says: "We have had the licence to use real guns to film with this time and it has all been approved." As for the amount they have raised, she says: "I don't know yet. (Will you be asking your boss to donate?) No, there is already some sponsorship and it will be difficult with explosions and speedboats, I would really like to try it all for myself."


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Also appearing with Yumiko and Bernice is Timmy Hung who offered his body for Yumiko to 'lean' on whilst taking photographs. As for who is more attractive out of Yumiko and Bernice, he says: "They are both really attractive, but if you ask Hawick Lau, he will say Bernice!"


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