Thursday, December 18, 2003

[The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh often has plenty of gossip surrounding her and she reveals that in the coming year, her fortune brings much romance and she laughs that there may be a chance she will find the one to spend Christmas with.

Charmaine seems to spend every Christmas working and this year is no exception as she will be joining Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan and the others filming in Hengdian for "War and Beauty". She says: "It has been a while since I spent Christmas with friends and in the past when I see my friends as couples who are so romantic, I do want to find an 'other half' of my own. The fortune teller says that I will have a lot of luck in love next year, I hope it is true! If I do find him, then I don't mind revealing it!"

Apart from wanting a boyfriend, Charmaine's new year wish is to have one day's vacation. She says: "After being in the industry for so long, I have had to work for every festival, like this Christmas I will be celebrating in the studios. For Chinese New Year I will be with Louis Koo and Anne Heung in America and again not have a break, but luckily I will have a few days of leisure in America, when I can go and visit my mum and my brother and be a good daughter."

Charmaine admits she has not seen her family for a long time and she does not even have time to buy them presents, so she can only send them cash. She says: "I think my mum just wants a big lucky packet. My career this year has not been bad, so I will be filial to my mother." Being a lucky soldier all along, her anniversary show "Point of No Return" has finished airing with good reviews and her other show co-starring with Alex Fong "Life Begins at Forty" is about to air. She smiles happily: "I hope that everyone will take note of my performances. My wish last year was for the gossip to go away and I have been lucky, this year has had less negative press and I hope this will carry on next year as well."


[The Sun]

Rumoured couple Bernice Liu and Hawick Lau have been spotted together on more than one occasion and earlier Hawick was sighted in his new car picking Bernice up from work in the middle of the night. Bernice indicated that they are very close but 'just good friends'.

After finishing filming on the ancient version of "Virtues of Harmony", Bernice and Hawick's rumours have never stopped, but this relationship has never been admitted by either party. After Bernice spent Hawick's birthday with him, she has been spotted after filming on location for "Virtues" in Hong Hom being picked up by Hawick in his latest model Alfa [Romeo]. That night, Bernice was filming from about dusk until around 10 pm, but Hawick was happy to wait for her without a word of complaint - what a friend! With the two being caught out by the press on many occasions, they are happy to pose for pictures and do not evade the press at all. Afterwards, Bernice explained: "There was a function after the filming that Hawick was going to attend, so he gave me a ride! We're good friends, so it doesn't matter. (What type of good friend?) Ones that can have a good chat, they are hard to find in the industry! (He picked you in a new car?) Really? I must thank him later!"

As for Hawick who was sporting a new haircut as well as a new car, he put on a fighting air and when asked if this was a gesture to make his girlfriend happy, he blushed and said: "What? We are good friends! (Your new car looks flash!) It's OK, I spent nearly $200,000 on it. With a new car on the road, then of course I have to show it off to my friends!"


[Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan appeared in her capacity as spokesperson for Neutrogena yesterday at a press conference and revealed that when she was thirteen, she had a forehead full of spots and this made her quite depressed: "At the time I had little confidence and no-one was interested in me, so I only started dating at the age of 18, maybe it is my destiny that not many men appear in my life! For girls to have spots, it is a major problem because you will feel that you are not pretty even if you only have one." Jessica says that she is currently filming for a series and she is unable to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, but there is nothing she can do. As for what she is buying her boyfriend, this is a secret, but she has already given presents to her mum and dad because they have returned to Hong Kong. When asked if her boyfriend has met her family, she immediately said: "I would like to keep my personal life low profile."


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