Friday, December 05, 2003

[The Sun]

Angela Tong has recently become spokesperson for a VDU company and yesterday she opened a new store for them in Sham Shui Po. When she was asked about her views on the break up between Lawrence Ng and Iva Lo, Angela said: "Really? The thing is about dating, is that a third party will never know what really happened, but I think it is a shame." Angela tells of how she lost her handbag a few days ago and not only did she lose about $10,000 but also all her ID, so she has to go and reclaim it.


[The Sun]

Myolie Wu's loving young girl character in the recent series "Triumph in the Skies" has been well received and she has taken on four new advertising jobs as a result and was filming recently for a Mainland DVD ad in exchange for a six-figure fee. With the money rolling in, she no longer has to worry about the price of her clothes!

Myolie was filming an ad for the DVD company wearing a mini skirt that revealed her legs and also a black backless dress that gave a look of mature sophistication, that even impressed the image stylist Hau Wing Choi. It appears that Myolie has received offers for a string of ads thanks to her healthy image in "Triumph" and she says: "This DVD company's mainland spokesperson is Andy Lau and I know that they were looking for artistes with a healthy image to advertise for them in Hong Kong so when I recieved this call, I was happy that I have gained this status in the viewers minds."

With her income on the rise, Myolie says happily: "Although my income has risen, I haven't really bought anything to reward myself, just that when I was clothes shopping earlier, I could browse them all without having to worry too much about the price, not like in the past when I would have to think hard and check all the prices. Will I change my car or house? I haven't thought about it at all because I am the stable type who will place all the money into the bank and not invest wildly. I have had some bad experiences in the past when I invested $20,000 after following some advice from a friend and bought some shares. Then they fell very sharply and although I am not sure how much they are worth now, I daren't buy shares any more!"

Also, when she was rehearsing for her musical 'Hon Kong Diu Suet', there was a rule that you would be fined for being late and Myolie was late because she was filming. She said: "The rule was $1 per minute of lateness, so I was fined a few tens of dollars!"


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