Wednesday, December 03, 2003

[The Sun]

Andy Hui and Yoyo Mung were filming yesterday for TVB's music special and a last minute kissing scene was planned, but the two were very open-minded and were willing to kiss for real. Yoyo who carries mints around with her offered some to Andy to freshen his breath!

Following in the footsteps of Hacken Lee, Kelly Chen and Jade Kwan, Andy and Yoyo were filming in Stanley yesterday and the director requested at the last minute that they did a well positioned kissing shot, but Yoyo and Andy offered to do a real kiss instead. Duing filming, the two seemed very comfortable and after the first shot, Yoyo spotted the shiny lipstick on Andy and fell about laughing, making him rather embarrassed. Finally the scene was finished after three shots and Andy immediately wiped his lips.

Afterwards, Andy praised Yoyo's professionalism and laughed: "Yoyo is a good girl, firstly for handing out sweets and also because she is very gentle! (Who is better between her and Sammi?) I am shy and can't handle this, why are you so direct with your questions? (Are you afraid kissing scenes will affect your image?) I don't mind, I will be filming bed scenes as well... but with just me in the bed!" When asked whether making this special was part of the fight for awards, Andy says: "Of course it's not related, I have not filmed for TVB for nearly ten years and still took a best male singer award a couple of years ago. (Are you confident this year?) You can't be without confidence."

As for Yoyo's response to the praise, she says: "I didn't think we would need to kiss. If we had to French kiss, then I would have brushed my teeth. This is okay though. (Andy says you gave him some sweets?) I carry mints around with me, because I am afraid of bad breath!" She also reavls that she will be filming a TV version of "Sik San" playing Karen Mok's 'ugly girl' character: "My costume is really disgusting and I am afraid of scaring the viewers as well as being allergic to the make up!" Yoyo hopes that the new show will begin filming after the new year so she can spend the festival with her family.


[Additional from Ta Kung Pao]

The music special entitled "Leung Fo Luen Ngoi Dik Sum" (Two Hearts in Love) stars Andy as an architect who is a neighbour to Yoyo's interior designer character. Yesterday was the second day of filming and he says: "The scene today is from a dream, originally the kiss was not in the script, but the director requested it on the day and as a professional actor, we didn't mind if the role needed it. Yoyo was very professional and when she arrived she gave out mints to freshen my breath. She is a good girl and a great co-star. (Many singers are very afraid of filming kiss scenes, do you mind at all?) I don't mind because I am appearing as an actor and I just pretend my opposite is my beloved at the time, so even if there are a lot of reporters around, I don't mind."


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