Sunday, December 14, 2003

[The Sun and Ta Kung Pao]

Myolie Wu received the support from her fellow cast members of "Triumph in the Skies" and other collegues yesterday as they attended a performance of her stage production and afterwards, she was presented with flowers from Sammul Chan, Mary Hon, Kenneth Ma and Shirley Yeung making her extremely happy.

After a week of performances, Myolie has met with many experiences, including once when she lost her contact lenses during a crying scene and had to go on performing barely being able to see (Myolie is 500 degrees short sighted in one eye and 200 degrees in the other) until the intermission when she could replace them. She is to be admired for being able to stay so calm in such a situation!


[Oriental Daily, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

The Miss HK winners of this year will be acting as models for a photography contest so they appeared in very colourful and dainty costumes.

After the promotional shoot, Mandy Cho had to rush to the blessing ceremony and rehearsals for yesterday's Tung Wah Charity event, however she was late and was met with taunts from Timmy Hung, Chin Ka Lok and Carlo Ng who said to her urgently: "Oh dear! You haven't been to rehearsals, Lydia (Shum) will be very angry!" Even the producer Chan Chi Kau joined in the fun and pretended to scold her saying: "This is a schedule, not for information only, how can you miss the dress rehearsal?"

In response to the jokes, Mandy says: "It's okay, they are just playing tricks on me, my assistant had already informed them that I will not be attending the rehearsal. Maybe there was just a communication problem." At which point, Lydia supported Mandy saying: "They are all ganging up on the poor girl!" and 'slapped' Carlo stopping him in his tracks. Afterwards, Lydia said: "I know she was working so I will not be angry. If she was late and not doing anything then I would be angry. Newcomers will be like that, the stupid guys will not let go of any girls that easily, they are just trying to scare her!"

Also present at the rehearsals were MCs Eric Tsang, Priscilla Koo, Tang Chi Fung and Singers Nic Tse and Edmond Leung.


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