Wednesday, December 17, 2003

[The Sun and Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan, Emme Wong, Chris Wong, Jade Kwan and Joe Ma appeared at a promotional event for a new TVB Music Special yesterday and when Jessica was asked for her comment about rumours that Maggie Cheung had been sighted with a new boyfriend, she said: "Don't ask me!" However she admitted that she herself was currently dating, but insisted it was not the rumoured Wu Jing. She says: "He is not from the showbiz circles, we were introduced by a freined, but I will not reveal any information about him, he is just a man who has a good nature and treats me well. (Will you have a lightning wedding?) I am stil in contract with TVB and I still owe them 40 episodes, so we will not get married quickly!" When asked if she will live together with him, she says that she has never co-habited with a partner before, just stopped over for the odd night sometimes.

Also, Emme Wong says that she has recently been filming a music video in Beijing: "This was my first time in Beijing and it was a few degrees below zero and I still had to wear a strappy top to film, so I had to stick a lot of warmth packs to my body."


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