Tuesday, December 30, 2003

[Sing Pao]

With the passing of "Ever Changing Heavenly Queen" Anita Mui, the Hong Kong Music Scene has been shadowed with sadness and at TVB's press conference for the "2003 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards", many of the stars appeared in dull clothing as a fog lingered at the event as all the artistes stood in silence as a mark of respect for Anita. All dressed in dark colours, stars included Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Edwin Siu, Hacken Lee and Joey Yung. Only Judi Wong was the exception appearing dressed as a peacock and standing out from the crowd.

At yesterday's press conference, the host Jerry Lamb spoke on the stage and said: "Anita has departed us, please stand and share a moment of remembrance. Whatever your religion and beliefs, choose a prayer or a verse to offer Anita in the hope that she will complete her journey." All the singers stood and grieved in silence in a solemn atmosphere. Vincent Kuk then said: "I wish for good health to all. Everything is the will of the heavens, but life must go on. There has never been a greater need for more shining superstars, at no other time do we need more value and love, so we must all do our best to make this a great show!"

Miriam Yeung was expressionless as she was very unhappy when she left with her assistant after the event. When she was asked to say a few words by the press, she held back the tears as she murmured: "I didn't make it back.." As the tears burst from her eyes, she shook as she continued: "I didn't make it back in time. I had a call in Taiwan and at around 9pm I called Ms So (Anita's friend) saying I really wanted to come back. She said it didn't matter and to call her when I got back to Hong Kong today." Miriam arrived back at 6am, but she was unable to control her emotions and her record company colleague Tommy reveals she will be cancelling all her work in the next two days.

Candy Lo wore a frown to the event and she sat beside Ronald Cheng. At one point the press wanted to talk to her, but she shook her head indicating that she did not want to be interviewed. Andy Hui, Denise Ho, Gigi Leung and Karen Mok were all absent from the press conference and producer Lai Wai Tong indicated that they had not thought about cancelling, but those singers who were not present had notified TVB and he was pleased that so many stars still offered their support. (Are they afraid that TVB will be angry?) "No, not at all." Will there be a special award for Anita on the night of the awards ceremony? He says that this matter will be looked into, but the honorary award of the night had already been decided to go to Lam Chun Keung.

Edmond Leung had been at the hospital to be with Anita on the evening of her death and originally his record company had suggested for him not to attend the event, but Edmond felt that he had to fulfil his pledge to TVB. He said: "I agreed, so I will do it. I haven't told my record company to stop all my engagements, I want to keep my personal affairs separate from my work." Did Anita say anything before she died? He replied: "No, I will not say too much, just that she was very beautiful when she left, very peaceful and she saw every friend that she wanted to see." After completing her eight concerts and her advertising work, did she leave with no regrets? He said: "From the time when we knew she was ill, her friends had all suggested that she should not hold another concert, but we all understood Anita's meaning behind this and offered her our total support. To her, this is completion."

Leo Ku wore black in remembrance of Anita and although he had no personal contact with her, he still felt uncomfortable when he heard the news of her death. He said: "Today was originally the launch for my music video, but I had it changed with my record company as a mark of respect for my industry senior Anita. I feel really awful and I realise that nothing matters more than health. My message to everyone around me is to treasure your health and friends around you."


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