Sunday, December 28, 2003

[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

Ada Choi and Dayo Wong were filming in a Kowloon Bay shopping centre yesterday for new series "Stand-up Sleuth" in a scene that tells of where Ada is rushing to work and hurries towards the escalator, but Dayo is intentionally standing in her way and annoying her very much.

As they were filming just as a large number of Mainland tourists were visiting the duty free shop in the mall, at one point the escalator lobby was packed full of people that got in the way of filming. With nothing to do, Dayo stood to one side and played his harmonica and Ada who thought that the tourists would not recognise her helped them to open the door. However within a moment, Ada was recognised as a crowd rushed around her and asked for her autograph and photograph. Some chaos ensued and this frightened Ada a little as the crew came to her rescue. Dayo on the other hand had nobody recognise him and could continue playing his harmonica safely.

Afterwards, when Ada was asked if she was scared by the tourises, she said: "Not exactly, but to be surrounded so suddenly by such a big crowd who wanted to grab and hug you was a little overwhelming and chaotic. I can handle these situations though because when I do stage shows in the Mainland, the audience is this enthusiastic. It just proves that I am popular, if I passed by and no-one recognised me, then that would be terrible!"

As for Dayo who just stood untroubled to one side, he said with some envy: "Everyone knows she is Ada Choi, so I don't want to film on location with her next time! (Are you jealous?) Of course! She has so many fans!" He continues to joke: "She is lucky that I am a man, otherwise I would be pulling her hair with jealousy! There was a very pretty girl fan before, even prettier than Ada, so I don't know why she wanted Ada's autograph. No-one knows me on the mainland because I have only released 'Pu Yi', even my mum doesn't recognise me. Also I am getting more and more handsome every year and younger and younger, so of course they don't recognise me!" Seeing him playing his harmonica whenever he has a spare moment, Dayo explains that in the same show, Cheung Chi Kwong also plays the harmonica and as they are both learning, they are challenging each other to see who gives up first.

Ada says that she has spent Christmas in the studios and as Dayo has few studio scenes, so the person she sees most is Marco Ngai. Although she has to work, she has still received a lot of presents and cards from her adopted children in Ethiopia and the Mainland. Ada feels that the children lead a hard life, and there have been many unhappy events in 2003, so she feels that she has an extremely fortunate life.


[Ta Kung Pao]

The three male stars of TVB's new series "Life Begins at Forty", Alex Fong, Chin Ka Lok and Cheung Chi Kwong were back together dubbing Pearl show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".

Earlier, Alex had said that if "Life" reached 30 points, he would take the cast and crew on holiday to Thailand on holiday, but they are all waiting for the results now. However, before the results were relased, Alex seemed pessimistic as he said: "I don't think it will happen, because there are a lot of people who are away over Christmas and there will not be too many people watching TV." At Christmas, Alex and his girlfriend Mok Ho Yan and some of his friends spent the holiday in Thailand and he laughs: "My girlfriend gave me a watch box, but there was no watch inside. Ha ha! As for what I gave her, I gave her this holiday to Thailand!"

Also, Chin Ka Lok was asked when he would be tying the knot with Lee San San now he has his own apartment. To this, he replied: "My mother is always telling me that I need to invest in a property and I can only just afford this at the moment with the current prices."


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