Friday, December 05, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan will be ending their twelve year marathon of love and getting married in Australia. In order to have the happiest and most romantic wedding ceremony with little interruption, the two have decided to keep things under wraps, choosing to fly by the earliest flight to sneak away, but when they were congratulated by the reporters, their joy was difficult to hide.

Nick and Esther have been dating for many years and during this there have been many ups and downs, but finally they ended up together and Nick, who had chosen Esther to be his life partner all along had earlier promised to marry her this year. In the end, he has not broken his word and in the past few months, with both Nick and Esther being so busy with work, they have asked their families to arrange the ceremony for them and they took off yesterday to be married today (6th December), witnessed by their families in a hotel before travelling around over there for their honeymoon. As both Nick and Esther are low-profile people and hope that their wedding will suffer as little disruption as possible, they have both been very secretive about the whole affair, with few people knowing about the preparations and few guests to bear witness.

The couple arrived at the airport at 6:20 am yesterday and because there were few people around at the airport they had not thought that the press would appear and so they wore very casual clothing, with Nick in sports gear and a cap and Esther wearing little make-up, skirt and pumps as they checked in at the Qantas Business Class desk. When the reporters went up to congratulate them, Nick did not respond directly and evaded the subject, saying: "We're just going on holiday. (How long will you be going for?) I don't know. (How many tables will there be at he banquet?) None, it's not that! (Have you told all your friends and family?) No, it's not that! (Will you be going on honeymoon before you come back?) No, we're just going on holiday!" The reporters then turned to Esther and asked her if she has prepared a wedding dress and rings, the bride-to-be Esther smiled sweetly and said with a little embarrassment: "Why don't you go home and go to sleep?"

Although the couple deny their wedding, they had prepared two big cases of luggage and this has betrayed them, because if they were going on holiday, why would they need so much luggage? Also Nick understood the duties of the reporters and even though he wasn't able to admit to his wedding plans, he was very co-operative as he stepped into immigration as he waved to the camera and took the well wishes of the press with him on his wedding trip.


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