Saturday, December 06, 2003

[Sing Pao]

A Korean mobile phone brand had a preview party yesterday and many celebrities were there to take part including Roger Kwok, Raymond Wong, Michael Tong, Ken Wong, Eunis Chan, Tiffany Lee, Nicola Cheung, Edmond Leung, William So, Yoyo Mung and Yumiko Cheng. Couples Bernice Liu and Hawick Lau and Chow Lap King and Anna R made it an excuse for a date. Among them, Roger Kwok admitted that his appearance at this event was in the hope of being given a phone that he could present to his future mother in law.

Roger who rarely attends such promotional events admitted openly that he was greedy, because his sole reason for attending was for the latest model of handset. This model will not be openly available on the market until next year, so he would like to own one now. Is this because of girlfriend Cindy Au? He points out that it is related to her, because her mother likes this brand of phone a lot and he will present it to her to make her happy. Roger laughs: "As long as she is happy, then I am happy." He revals that he does not give many presents to 'auntie' because they usually just go out for dinner together.

Roger will soon be heading to the mainland to film a series there where he will be playing a character that is similar to 'Ah Wong' from "Square Pegs" and among the female leads will be Tsang Po Yee. [Daughter of Eric Tsang] When asked whether Po Yee will be playing Jessica's role, he says he does not know, but he just knows that he will select her in a concubine selection.

As the weather there is very cold reaching minus ten degrees, Roger has prepared a lot of mountaineering clothing to keep warm. He will be filming this series for about two months, so he will be spending the new year in China. As the schedules are very tight, they will only be breaking for one day on Chinese New Year and he will not be able to be with his family. When Roger was presented the 'Best Male Lead Role' award at the TVB anniversary, he announced that he would take his girlfriend on holiday, but has he gone back on his word? He says: "Work is the priority, but after filming we can go on holiday."


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