Monday, December 01, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Kiki Sheung appeared in showbusiness in 1984 and worked for TVB for nine years, just months away from her ten-year service award, she decided to leave. Nine years later, she has returned to her mother company and some colleagues have asked her if there will be another nine years, but this is a question she cannot answer.

It has been nine years since Kiki left TVB and the company has since moved to bigger and better accommodation in Tseung Kwan O TVB City, leaving her with the feeling of a maze as Kiki laughs she is often getting lost in the new studios and has firmed up her leg muscles. There are many rules and regulations in a large organisation but the rather stubborn personality of Kiki means she will never hold any gripes in her heart and will not be comfortable until she has aired her views. When asked what she has found unbearable since returning to TVB, she says that some departments have been lazy, but she understands it would look bad to say anything to these people and it should be down to the directors to say something. She is ultimately interested in her performance work and she will try to adapt to the good and the bad.

"I used to be very fiery and would not hide away my feelings if I did not approve of something, now I will leave it there for a little while. You have to give people time to change, like friends can have good and bad qualities and need a chance to improve. My personality is instantaneous and speedy, if I see a hair on the floor, I will pick it up, if I want to make soup then I will make it straight away." Recently Kiki has been affected by her boyfriend as the two have been dating for over a year. To start with, her boyfriend was a balancing factor that has caused her to slow down a little and accept other people's points of view.

Kiki knows that her boyfriend does not like women who are too strong and with a fierce and cool look about her in the past, she has since changed a lot and become a little woman when she is with her boyfriend. She says: "We have been dating for about a year and when we went out he felt some pressure when people looked at me and then looked at him. Of course, I had no problem with this because this is my work, but he was very bothered by this until I said to him outside of work, we are just normal people." Actually, both she and her boyfriend are very busy with work as he is often doing business in the Mainland and they have not seen each other for the last two months, keeping in touch only by phone.

Seeing so little of each other, will this affect their relationship? Kiki laughs: "That's good, we treasure each other more then, to have little is precious, you can have too much of a good thing." Have you any plans to get married? She shakes her head and says: "Not so soon! I am a very traditional person and will not force it, I'll wait until he proposes to me first! (Has he proposed yet?) We've been dating for a year, to get married so soon would be scary. We are working hard to make money first and will give each other another couple of years. Anyway I have become an auntie and with my brother's wife expecting another baby soon, I am in no hurry."

Kiki's first series on her return to TVB is "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (To Get Unstuck In Time) where she plays the role of Roger Kwok's mother. She feels that Roger is a faithful person who has an honest character, just like herself. In teh sieres, her screen husband Hui Siu Hung envies her for such a good script as soon as she returns to TVB, so she does not mind playing the mother character. Some colleagues have laughed at her for taking half an hour out of her hour and a half make up time every day to say hello to all her old friends... no wonder, she has so many old colleagues! Her old friends praise her saying she has not changed in nine years, joking that she is taking hormone replacement medicines. She reponds: "They are slandering me, I don't know what these medicines are and I don't think people have menopause this early!"

Kiki is known as the 'metal woman', not even finding it hard work to end work in the middle of the night and then start again early in the morning. She puts this down to her soup as she suggests some recipes including: "Watercress, kidney and fish soup", "Papaya, snow fungus, sweetcorn and tenderloin soup" and "Wai san, chi sat, heung lo and pork soup". Roger and Flora Chan have been fortunate in trying her lovely soup and have described them as delicious. 'Foreigner' Flora asked Kiki if she has added ginger to it because she cannot drink that type of soup, at which point Kiki responded loudly: "If you have fruit peel in there, you don't need to add ginger." Kiki loves soup and will make it five times a week to keep her skin good as well as eating the soup remains as a meal to keep fit.

Talking of memorable events with Kiki, we had to talk of her seven year relationship with her last boyfriend. At the time, they had arrived at the stage where they were discussing marriage, but because he had not had enough fun, Kiki gave him a six months ultimatum out of frustration. However, these six months dragged along and waiting for her boyfriend to return every night late into the night, Kiki reached the point where she was so unhappy and weeping all the time. Finally the time ran out and Kiki gave up when he said he wanted more fun. Cutting her hair to free her emotions, Kiki reinvented herself, losing 15 lbs in a month and also her nickname of "Fat Ngor". She was fortunate to have her friends who shared her happy and unhappy times with her. In the blink of an eye, half her life has passed by, so why not spend the rest of it happily? As she says herself: "If you always to live life happy, then everything will work out just fine."


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