Friday, December 05, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Jessica Hsuan took part as a guest speaker to three hundred university students who are soon to step out into the world of work and shared her experiences. Disliking being photographed ever since she was young, Jessica applied to become a flight attendant after graduating from university so that she could have free holidays, but somehow she ended up in the showbiz industry and in the blink of an eye it has been eleven years already...

Skincare brand Neutrogena held a talk at City University earlier to present interview skills to some graduates who will be entering society soon. The evening was split into four sections that were 'correct skincare methods', 'an enthusiastic and optimistic image', 'good communication skills' and 'direction of ambitions'. Many professionals were invited as guest speakers and this was followed by the final item that was the product spokesperson Jessica Hsuan offering her experiences on jobseeking to an audience of over three hundred. Jessica suggested that your target occupation should take into account your strengths, personality and interests. Although this was the first time she had given such a speech, she managed to make her audience laugh on several occasions and was fairly successful.

Having studied Materials Engineering in England, Jessica admits that at first she had never thought about entering showbiz, but it was purely by chance that she ended up making an advertisement that was followed by a screen test for TVB. She says: "Actually I didn't like studying, so I just went for a pass each time and get by with my parents. After graduation, I felt that so many years studying was hard work, so I wanted to go travelling, but I didn't have any money, so I applied to become a flight attendant, but then TVB called me and eventually signed me and I have been there for eleven years since."

For her first time as a public speaker, Jessica laughs that she was quite nervous, but luckily she was sharing her own experiences so she wrote down some of the main points whilst having her hair done so that she would have a guide when she was on stage. She says: "Actually my path has been very smooth, so I don't really have much right to talk about it, however I will take this opportunity to pass out some positive advice in the hope that when these students come out to work in society, they will not have too much pressure, because Hong Kong's enviroment and lifestyles are highly pressure inducing." She says that when she went to TVB for an audition, she was just feeling relaxed about it and not worrying about any gain or loss.


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