Sunday, December 07, 2003

[Sing Pao]

The Annual 'Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions' took place yesterday in Hong Kong Stadium with representatives from TVB, ATV and Cable taking part. Among them, the ATV group was the biggest with over sixty people, but the most popular was still the TVB delegation despite the rather poor turnout. Last year, Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Flora Chan and Ada Choi all took part in the charity event, but this year the only lead artiste present was Roger Kwok.

Last year when Roger took part in the walk, his popularity was not as great as this year, thanks to the success of Ah Wong. The popularity of "Triumph in the Skies" has also brought the focus onto Myolie Wu as many citizens crowded round calling her 'Zoe' on a par with Roger. Roger later said that this is the second time he has taken part in the walk and he felt that the turnout was not as great as last year, possibly because it is earlier this year.

Myolie says that she is often called Zoe by people on the street as they ask her about the plot to "Triumph". Even the crew of her stage show "Hon Kong Diu Suet" ask her and she laughs that she will soon have to start charge charging! Talking of her play, has she been very nervous treading the boards for the first time? Myolie says: "Before going on stage, I was nervous, but after I got on then I was no longer nervous. People have said that I have done well, but I have to face the audience. However I am really very happy because the play's sponsors have sent me a flower basket. (Will you be rewarding yourself for making so much money?) I do not have time to go shopping, but I wanted to change my car before and I have done that already."

Also, Bernice Liu and her 'father-in-law-to-be' Lau Dan represented "Virtues of Harmony" at the event and Shirley Yeung and her 'mother-in-law-to-be' Sze Ming was also present. Although the latter pair were representing different companies, they still had their photos taken together. As for Mandy Cho and Priscilla Chik, when they were asked about their Miss HK sister Rabee'a Yeung's result at Miss World, they said: "We did watch TV, but when we saw it they had already gone into the semi-final so we didn't see Rabee'a. However Miss China Guan Qi who got the 2nd Runner Up position had a great stage presence and the winner Miss Ireland deserved to win."


[The Sun]

Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho and Myolie Wu were among those taking part in yesterday's Walk for Millions event and when Chief Executive Tung Chee Wah shook hands with all the artistes, Shirley Yeung seemed a little nervous. She met up with her future mother-in-law Sze Ming and although she was representing Cable, they still posed for photographs. When Shirley was asked if she minded living with her future in-laws, she laughed: "It is so far in the future, I haven't thought about it. However Sze Ming is very talkative and we usually have a lot to talk about."


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

The 2003/2004 Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions was held yesterday and TVB was represented by Deputy Managing Director Chan Chi Wan and artistes including Roger Kwok, Anne Heung, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, three Miss HK winners and some cast members from 'Virtues of Harmony'.

Roger will be leaving for Hengdian in China today to begin filming the series "The Stupid Emperor Sees the World" where he will be reprising the character style of Ah Wong. As for the news of his good friend Nick Cheung's marriage, Roger says he will call to congratulate him and when asked if he, being a month older than Nick has any plans of his own, he laughs: "It's nothing to do with it. There are weddings every day in teh restaurants, if I have to think about it when I pass then I would be very tired!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Rain Li and Bosco Wong were filming in TKO TVB City yesterday for ancient drama "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" and this time it was a scene of a lion dance and green collection ceremony. In the show, Rain's character needs some money desperately so she pretends to be a man and partners Bosco's Wong Fei Hung in the lion dance contest, where the winner will get a reward. Talking of dressing as a man, Rain does not mind, actually she enjoys it because her role is a ruffian and does not need to spend as much time in hair and make up as the female characters and is easier to get ready for. She has also prepared her own personal seat at the set so she can rest when she has time and she can also sleep on the floor without worrying about getting her costume dirty. However sleeping on the floor is quite unhygienic and she explains: "This ancient street set is brand news and this is the first series to be filmed here so the place is very clean and you don't need to worry. Also sleeping on the floor makes you feel rather cool and comfortable."

Also, talking of her focus on making series recently, will she forget about her singer identity? She says: "I have not left singing behind as I am filming and recording my Mandarin album at the same time, so the record should be released in January next year." SHe also reveals that she will be away filming on location for this series in China and she will be setting off fireworks with the other actors there, so the new year will not be lonely.


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's newly opened Ancient Street in TKO TVB City was used for filming new series "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" yesterday and female lead Rain Li was very honoured, commenting that it is all very clean and the floor can be used to sleep on. The scene was for a lion dance ceremony and 'Master Wong' Bosco Wong did his own routines, taking the lionhead up a frame over ten metres in height. As the moves were quite difficult, Bosco took great care to follow the instructions from the martial arts director.

Although Rain had to wear dirty make-up and dress as a man, she did not mind at all because everyone treated her like a man and she could ignore her poise and sit on the floor, giving her a sense of freedom. She became quite excited about being a man and laughed she would like to be a man in her next life. As well as filming series, Rain has been busy recording for her new album and she plans to battle again in the music industry. Although she is busy filming, she is not worried that her music fans will forget her and hopes that she will have a representative song next year. During the Chinese new year period, she will be flying out to Las Vegas for a show and this is her first time there and she is pleased that she can make some money and have a free holiday.


[The Sun]

Nnadia Chan was at her heaviest when she was filming a series in Singapore a few years ago, as she loves to eat and ate non-stop whilst she was there, causing her weight to rocket from 110 lb to 135 lb. Luckily she has a slim face and no-one has called her 'fatty', however she knows her own problems and once she returned, she immediately started slimming: "Well, someone asked me to become spokesperson for their slimming company, so I started using the slimming machines. They are actually very good because it can make your muscles firmer.

As well as using the machines, Nnadia has also done some sport. "Every day I will go running for an hour and I take do Fit Ball that is good for the waistline and is just right for the ladies. As for running, it is a full body exercise and I find it is very good. As far as my height is concerned (5ft 7ins) 11 lb is quite fit. As for food and drink, I will eat from a special menu, but I can't eat it permaently."

Nnadia's Diet
Breakfast: Any amount of fruit
Luch: Two chicken legs (no skin). boiled vegetables until feeling full up
Dinner: Steamed fish and boiled Vegetables


[Oriental Daily]

Ever since Yoyo Mung gained her motorcycle licence, she has been seen riding her motor scooter around and as well as leaving people with the image of 'lady rider', she has also been the target of motorcycle advertisers. Yesterday, she appeared at a Motorcycle Exposition and indicated: "I am very happy because there are a lot of motorcycle related activities that have invited me to be a guest and I am also discussing a motorcycle advertisement, if it all goes ahead, I stand to make some money!"

Recently there have been a lot of accidents involving motorcyclists, but with her new licence, Yoyo is not afraid. She says: "Maybe I have a P-plate and I wear a helmet that does not totally cover my face so people will recognise that I am an artiste and let me go first." When asked if she has been bothered whilst being out on her scooter, she says that she usually doesn't ride in the cities and is not bothered much, in fact she gets a lot of support. Also, Yoyo pointedd out that she has finally bought her ideal coloured scooter and her old one printed with 'Yo Yo' has been sold for around $20,000.


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