Sunday, December 21, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Anne Heung has been raising money for charity as part of her Wai Yin duties and even her fans have been affected by her as instead of buying her presents, they have donated the money to her charity instead, making Anne very happy.

The Wai Yin Association's Olympic City Charity Sale was held yesterday and a group of Miss HK's including Shirley Yeung and Lam Kei Yan were there to help out. As president of the association, Anne was also there as she had donated over twenty items to the sale that also included donations from Gigi Lai and a Japanese Bee products company. Some fans presented Anne with a Christmas card and inside there was a cheque made out to the Wai Yin Association. It turns out that the fans used the money that they were going to use to buy her a present with as a donation instead. Anne said: " I am very happy as I have known this fan for about three years and she is always buying me things and sends emails to me with her comments, telling me which characters I did well in." As the venue has been sponsored, she is sure that they should be able to raise a lot of money at this event.

A group of other Miss HK's also acted as models at the show, including Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik and Lam Lai Mei. During the show, Lam Lai Mei's zip fly on her jeans wasn't pulled up, but she continued calmly. Later, she said: "I didn't pull it high enough so it fell down, luckily the top covered it okay, but it would have looked really odd if I fixed it on the stage, so I just made it part of the fashion as low cut trousers. Wearing a bikini would have been the same." She says that it was pointed out to her by one of the bosses later on.


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