Monday, December 08, 2003

[Sing Pao]

The "2003 TVB8 Music Awards Ceremony" took place yesterday at TVB City and was held with strict secrecy as all the singers were made to wait for the full three hours. Most singers gained two awards, but the strangest thing was that without any Mandarin songs released, Hacken Lee, Andy Lau and Edmond Leung all gained awards for "World's favourite Cantonese Songs" giving an air of 'splitting the pork' [slang for sharing out the awards]. As for Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Faye Wong and Kelly Chen who did not attend, they were left with no awards, supporting the pledge of TVB chiefs that if you don't turn up, you won't get an award.

Joey Yung was surprised at gaining the award for Golden Song and was rather tearful as her happiness shone through. Andy Lau and Karen Mok were not far behind, gaining the Best Male and Female Singer respectively. As for Nicholas Tse who left the Metro Radio awards empty handed got one and a half awards, regaining some pride.

When Joey was interviewed, she 'Yeah'ed five times before saying: "I never thought I would get he Golden Song award, especially in a Mandarin Song Award Ceremony, it is like being injected with a confidence boost. (Are you disappointed for not getting the best female singer award?) No. (You said that if you won a big award, you would buy a new people carrier?) This doesn't count, if so I will have to pay in instalments. (You're quite tearful!) I am really surprised, when I was singing on stage before with all the other singers behind me, I was afraid that I was stopping everyone from going home." She admits that she wants to eat oysters to celebrate and doesn't mind paying because this is the first time she has got the Golden Award. Joey points out that she is currently worrying about her outfit for the other awards ceremonies, laughing she has no money and she would like some sponsors, saying: "I am very cheap!"

Hacken felt rather awkward at receiving the award because for two years he has gained Cantonese Song awards in a Mandarin Awards Ceremony and he guarantees that next year he will get a Mandarin Song award. Originally Chan Siu Po had agreed to release a Mandarin album for him, but now Siu Po has resigned, he will be discussing this with Hung Dik. With previous reports about him having photographs taken with Andy Hui despite their fight to be 'Number One Male' and joking about whether they needed to make their friendship so obvious, Hacke indicated that the Number One spot belongs to Hung Dik and also that in 18 years in the industry the second person he met was Andy so there is no reason for their disagreement. Hacken adds: "I hope that the company will take on more people, such as Andy Lau to make the company bigger, just like a zoo has lions and tigers. If they can have Jackie, Andy [Lau], Alan, Andy [Hui] and me, then there will be a strong basis and less competition. (Who would be number one?) I see the number one spot very superficially and will not put pressure on myself."

Andy [Hui] mentioned that he is confident that he will get a Mandarin award and laughingly denies any conflict: "I was even joking with Hacken before about whether I had to sweet talk him. (Hacken says he hopes that the company will be like a zoo, what animal would you like to be?) I am a Leo, so I can be the lion, Hacken is a Sagittarius, so he can be a horse. I don't mind there being more people in the company, if it is strong then that is a good thing because it can move into Mainland."

Gaining the Best Male Singer, Andy Lau says that he could not release a Mandarin album this year, so he was rather worried before, but he thanks the support from his fans for the award. Has this award strengthened his confidence for the other awards ceremonies? He says: "Of course it has, one Mandarin song was okay and two Cantonese ones. However I may not be able to attend some awards ceremonies, but I will try to make them if I can." Talking of Hacken suggesting he should jump ship, Andy laughs when he hears this: "Tell Hacken to discuss it with my record company. (Hacken says he wants the company to be like a zoon, what animal do you want to be?) I will be a lion and keep an eye on him. (Andy [Hui] has already chosen that!) I will be the scales to weigh and see how big they are! (Will you fight to be the number one?) I can easily bet the number one, let them fight between them and then sneak in and take the prize. Ha ha!"

Also Chiu Chung Yu gained an award for the first time, but was met with a faulty microphone whilst she was singing and although she was very calm on stage, she cried backstage later on. Athena Chu was very excited at her award: "It even works when you don't have a backing!"

Winner's list

Top 15 Golden Songs (Mandarin)

"Raise a Glass" Richie Ren

"Super Star" S.H.E

"Love as you Run" Nicholas Tse

"Magical Season" Gigi Leung

"Lonely Ballet" Evonne Hsu

"My Way" Hins Cheung

"Wrong Love" Angelica Lee

"Fantasy" Si Qin Ge Ri Le

"Enjoy Yourself" Twins

"Not Afraid of Anything" Miriam Yeung

"Love you to Death" Karen Mok

"Hand Lifted No Return" Athena Chu

"Yellow Bean" Jordan Chan

"Girl who Waves her Wings" Joey Yung

"Old Moon" Andy Lau

Golden Song Award: "Girl who Waves her Wings" Joey Yung

Most Popular Male Singer Award: Andy Lau

Most Popular Female Singer Award: Karen Mok

Mainland's Most Popular Male Singer: Richie Ren

Mainland's Most Popular Female Singer: Gigi Leung

Best Group: S.H.E (Gold), Twins (Silver), Ah Li Lang (Bronze)

Best Male Newcomer: Cheong Tong Leong (Gold), Lin Zi Liang (Silver), Edwin Siu (Bronze)

Best Female Newcomer: Wancy Dai (Gold), Bobo Chan (Silver), Chiu Chung Yu (Bronze)

Best Band: Mayday (Gold), Shen Nan (Silver), Nine Day Band (Bronze)

Best Duet: "The First Time" Ronald Cheng & Anson Hu

Best Music Video Performance: "Yellow Bean" Jordan Chan

World's Most Popular Cantonese Songs: "501" Edmond Leung, "Big Man" Andy Hui, "Marriage is a Must" Hacken Lee

Extreme Recommendations: "I am Better than Him" Dave Wang, "Heaven and Earth" Leo Ku, "Showing Brow" Miriam Yeung

Best Composition: "Love as You Run" Nicholas Tse, Suen Wai Ming

Best Lyrics: "Perfect" Huang Rong

Best Arrangement: "Three in the Morning" Tu Ying

Best Production: "My Way" Hins Cheung


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