Thursday, December 25, 2003

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Magazine reports have indicated that whilst Sonija Kwok is busy filming in Hong Kong, her boyfriend Deric Wan has been seeking fun with a salon girl in Taiwan. Filming in TVB City yesterday for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu", Sonija was not angry about these reports and laughs that the reports are pointless: "I don't really need to respond, who doesn't go for a wash and cut? How can that make the front cover story? It was a good job the picture was okay!" Has Deric explained the situation to her? Sonija says: "Not especially, but we do call each other every day." As for her seemingly endless work, Sonija says she is actually happy about this: "My business has been good lately and the company has taken on a lot of jobs for me. Lack of sleep is unavoidable, but I am actually quite happy. I will be doing some hosting on the 29th for an outside show and filming for a series every day, even spending New Year's day working." As her boyfriend has not yet returned, she will just be keeping in touch by long distance call.

As for Deric who is currently filming a series in Taiwan, he was unhappy about the reports because he only gets two or three hours a day to rest and in order to avoid any negative reports, he heads straight back to the hotel after work to rest, but yet he still has things written about him. He says with resignation: "For my character, I have to keep my hair short, so every two weeks I will go to my friend's high class salon for a cut, but they still have to write about this. Also they are insulting my friend's salon, so I am very unhappy. However, my girlfriend has not been unhappy about this and tried to tell me not to be mad. I know I have done nothing wrong, so I will continue to have my haircut."


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