Monday, December 08, 2003

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Annie Man and Irene Wang appeared with Calvin Choi at the start of filming ceremony for new movie "Youths Chasing Dreams" and Calvin revealed that he will be filming a music video with Denise Ho that is directed by Tsui Hark. Although the two are rumoured to be dating, but Calvin laughs that Denise is a tomboy so dating her would be like dating a man. He says that he has set next year as one where he will be concentrating on his work, so he will not be getting involved with any romantic affairs. He indicates that his brother Remus and also fellow Grasshopper Edmond So will all be recording albums individually next year and also there will be another Grasshopper collaboration.

Annie has a 'Money-eating dog' at home and since she has started keeping it, the god has eaten six one-hundred dollar notes and bitten her brother's designer bag to pieces. She says that this is like breaking the bank to keep away the bad luck as her family have ordered her to 'keep the peace'. Not having filmed a movie for over three years, apart from working on this film, she will be starting filming next month on another movie with Karena Lam and she is very happy about this.


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